November 28: Progress and Possessions

It is challenging and fun to acquire things.  The important thing to remember is this:  Anything and everything we have and own can be taken from us at any time, but remembering who and what we are, and how we choose to express ourselves through this physical body, is ours forever.

I once heard this:




This life is a blessing.  This body we inhabit is a tool, which provides the opportunity to express WHAT we are in this physical world as ONE, while working on the WHO we are as individualized and separate entities in different bodies, experiencing this life to the fullest extent, and learning important lessons along the way.

There is purpose behind everything that happens.  Life isn’t happening to us.  Life is happening for us.  The Universe is conspiring on our behalf each moment of every day. Everything is unfolding PERFECTLY, DESPITE us, our best efforts, or our need to think we are in control.

Each day is an opportunity to work hard, work smart, and earn things, but more importantly, each day is an opportunity for each of us to work hard and earn the right to contribute more than the day before, by acquiring and practicing the tools and skills that will naturally render us more capable of creation and contribution.


When I was young, I had MANY misperceptions that contributed to my belief system, by which I was programmed to think a certain way, make certain choices, and experience outcomes and results congruent with that belief system.  One of the beliefs I had was that I needed to do everything within my power to achieve perfection in this lifetime.  

Of course, I failed at perfection, and eventually became hopeless in this endeavor.  It wasn’t until I came across the idea that I could simply work towards personal progress, and always be improving, rather than working towards the impossible achievement of perfection, that I was able to begin loving, accepting, and appreciating myself.  Working towards lifelong progress gives me continued hope.  The idea of small, incremental improvements, every day for the rest of my life, is exciting as a possibility and actually empowers me, resulting in the generation of more and more energy and momentum.

This slight shift within my belief system set me up for success, empowering me with hope and a renewed energy and motivation.  It was then, after seeing the benefits that came from tweaking one belief, ever so slightly, that I began to question ALL of my beliefs, asking the questions:  Does this belief empower me to be creative, learn and grow, contribute to others at a higher level, and give me what I need to experience this life to the fullest extent, or is it hurting me, causing me to judge and criticize myself and others, destroying me and my relationships with others?  Does this belief help me to more fully express love and acceptance?  Is this belief HELPFUL or HURTFUL?

Today I will make sure I have a daily routine that is personally tailored for me, to accomplish my goals and become MORE of who I identify as, and a better version of me.  I will remember that knowledge and wisdom without action is useless and valueless, in the physical realm, and the acquisition of things.  I will take action, and keep doing what I am doing, always remembering WHAT I am, in order to keep being my best “self,” and incrementally improving every aspect of my life through personal progress.  By doing so, I know I will add value to others and become even more valuable. 

By expanding who I am, and expressing it the best I can through this physical body to the best of my ability, I know I am able to add more value and contribute more to others.

If something isn’t working for me, empowering me and rendering me capable of being my best self, I will displace and replace it with something that will.

The goodinthehead Beliefs Project was born out of necessity.  A slight shift in mindset, a small tweaking in a personal belief system, perception, or perspective, or a seemingly meaningless improvement in a personal philosophy, can completely alter the entire trajectory of this life experience, sending us into the depths of despair, darkness, and depression, or lifting us to greater heights, empowering and energizing us to create an environment, in which personal progress, expansion, growth, and wealth in EVERY area of our lives, is the ONLY possible outcome.

It has been said that a stupid man never learns from his mistakes, while a smart man eventually will.  A WISE man, however, will learn from the mistakes of others.

May we all choose to be wise throughout the rest of this human experience.

The goodinthehead Beliefs Project

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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