November 29: Thinking and Environment

While listening to an interview I came across a deep, thought-provoking question:  Does your thinking create your environment or does your environment create your thinking?

We are all at different places in our own, personal, unique life journey.  We are all so different and beautifully unique and original.  Not one person EVER to exist on this earth has ever been EXACTLY the same.  There are simply too many variables in the equation of life, and too many possible choices that effect neural patterns, chemicals, hormones, and results, within the physical realm.  There are so many learning opportunities, experiences, and possibilities of perceptions.

We have our minds programmed FOR us when we are younger, then when we grow up, HOPEFULLY we then each re-program our minds with our repetitive, habitual thinking in completely more empowering and different ways.

Each of us are 100% responsible for the internal environment we create, manifest, attract, and manufacture, then project into this virtual matrix within which we exist for a human experience.

The incredible Ted talk, given by Dr. Joe Dispenza, shows an actual thought being captured on film.  The most important and beautiful thing learned from this presentation is that the neurons which are no longer being used to support OLD thought patterns are recruited by the NEW thought patterns, causing an actual physical reconstruction of our brains, resulting in CHANGE, as the old neural networks dwindle away and eventually atrophy and die.


A change in thought patterns and beliefs results in a change in speaking and execution of new actions, which then results in a change in outcomes and results in our outer, physical world.  When we FEEL differently, we interrupt our patterns, and alter the magnetic and vibrational frequency we emit and transmit from within us, which alters what we then attract and repel within our personal physical reality.  EVERYTHING is feedback-data that informs us how to recalibrate, adjust, and begin again in a different way.

It is through a consistent change in thoughts alone, that we literally change and recreate our outer, physical realities!

One interview that features Dr. Joe Dispenza, is on the YouTube show called, IMPACT THEORY.  I hope you choose to take the time to seek out and listen to this interview, and if it benefits you in any way, I hope you choose to share it with others.  It was HUGELY impactful for me to discover the teachings of this empowering Doctor.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has also participated in other interviews, such as with Lewis Howes, on the YouTube show and podcast, The Lewis Howe’s show.

So many things about his interviews hit home for me.  I had to listen to them many more times, writing furiously and taking notes.  A lot of the things he says is what I have been thinking about and doing, since I started my life over in 2014, which has resulted in BEAUTIFUL outcomes within my mind and my life.  These teachings empowered me in the recreation of MY “SELF.”.  What he says, shares, and teaches, resonates with me on a very deep level.

At birth we have very little choice in our environment.  As we grow older, what we learned, our repetitive and habitual thinking, our psychology, our mindset, and our beliefs, all helps us create our environment.  By changing these things, we can change our environment.  It’s like asking, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” or, “Does the mind effect the body, or is it the body which effect the mind?”  The truth I have discovered is that they DEVELOPED TOGETHER, all along.

I think it is MASSIVELY important for us to choose EXACTLY what we want, with CLARITY.  It is important for us to be intentional about each moment of each day of our lives.  Be being intentional, taking action, and creating a routine and habits we want for ourselves, we have the ability to change and improve our environment in ANY way that we want to.

LIFE happens anywhere and everywhere the environment is conducive to life.

SUCCESS happens anywhere and everywhere the environment is conducive to success.

LOVE happens anywhere and everywhere the environment is conducive to LOVE.

BE LOVE.  CREATE the environment conducive to what you want, AND IT WILL HAPPEN! 

If you were to start over today, with absolutely nothing but the wisdom, knowledge, skills, abilities, and vision you have acquired so far in this life, and recreate yourself in the best possible way, what would you do?  How would you go about doing it?  Which habits would you implement?  What consistent, daily routine would you execute?  Which beliefs would you choose to focus on?  What EXACTLY is required to create the environment and reality that you most desire?



Today I will take action.  I will execute on my own, personal plan for myself in my own RECREATION.  I will research meditation and visualization, and use them as tools to create the inner world and environment that I desire to manifest into my physical reality.

One of the most empowering ideas I have encountered has come to me through the late, great Earl Nightingale:  WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT.  I listen to his recording THE STRANGEST SECRET, MANY times throughout each week as a reprogramming tool and a constant and appreciated reminder.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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