November 30: Are You Ready To Start Healing?

Have you suffered in pain for too long?  Are you tormented by the residual effects of choices made long ago, either by yourself, or by someone else?  Are you exhausted from suffering the painful consequences of actions, bad choices, or missteps along the way?  We all make mistakes.  We all experience failures.  We all learn, sooner or later.  We all experience pain and suffering in this life.  Are you ready to start healing?


Jim Rohn teaches, “In order for things to change for you, you must change.”

True and lasting healing comes to us only through change.  CONTINUED healing comes by CONTINUED change.

What we choose to focus on and think about all day long will determine our inner environment.  Eventually, if we repeatedly focus on, and consistently think about a particular set of things long enough, our outer environment will have to match our inner environment.  It takes time, energy, focus, and repetition, to create the EXACT life we TRULY want.

If we keep doing what we have always done, we will continue to get what we have always gotten.

By a certain age, and time in our lives, our choices and the outcomes are 100% our responsibility.  If WE don’t create the EXACT life we want, no one will.

WE must become our own, best advocates.  WE must be our own, greatest supporter.

There is a certain magic in starting each day with a routine or ritual that sets us up for success the entire rest of the day.

If we win the morning, we win the entire day.  It’s all about MOMENTUM.

Each day is a battle, and by winning each day, we can win in THE WAR OF LIFE.

Little successes compile, add up, compound, and become HUGE successes.

Enough LITTLE wins become MAJOR wins.


There are things in each of our lives that LIGHT US UP. These are the things to keep doing.  There are other things that cause us stress, pain, anguish of soul, frustration, sadness, darkness, and feelings of hopelessness and nihilism.  These are the things we can let go of, choose to leave behind, and NOT repeat or focus on.

That which we think about and focus upon most in our daily lives, will continue to manifest more and more in our lives.  The more intensely we focus upon these things, think about them, visualize them, and concentrate on them, the more quickly they manifest-through and by the ways we FEEL, as our feelings emit, project, and transmit a magnetic energy outwards, constantly drawing to us more of what we FEEL about.  We are CREATORS.  We are in charge of creating our personal reality.


Our lives will be as simple or as complex as we choose for them to be.  WE are the ones that attach meanings to all that is happening.  The real secret is being intentional, and having clarity on EXACTLY what we want, that which we focus on, and what we choose to think about and FEEL about all day long.

Each day, the reset button is pushed.  It is a new opportunity for creation!  A day started with a routine that will prime our minds for the rest of the day is a great and helpful tool.

Today I will think about the exact life I want.  I will imagine starting over with nothing, and make a note of everything I want to become and gain in this life, before I die, and EXACTLY what I would need to do in order to acquire it.  If I haven’t already, I will make a personalized morning routine for myself and commit to completing it daily.  I will remember that doing this will empower me with more and more energy and momentum.

Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, and John Earl Shoaff, are three of my favorite coaches to listen to.  All three of these great men have passed on, but thankfully, each of them left us with recordings of their teachings.  Plug each of their names into the YouTube search engine and experience their teachings.  It is INCREDIBLY empowering.

Their teachings have empowered me to alter my mindset, beliefs, and personal philosophies, in positive, helpful, creative ways.  They have helped me to create a completely different life.  I listen to content from one of these chosen thought leaders, every day, as part of a personal, daily routine that I created, choose to adhere to, and have benefited by a GREAT deal.

Practicing what these coaches teach has given me the tools and momentum to heal from my past, as I have consistently altered the trajectory of my life experience, and completely changed the outcome of my destiny.  Not only have I benefited through their teachings, but so has everyone around me.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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