October 1: The Power of Vulnerability

“People relate to your weaknesses far more than they do your strengths.” -Judah Smith

Being open and honest with people about our weaknesses may feel risky but can be considered a strength by the people we actually want to keep in our lives.  It helps others connect with us on a much deeper level.  It helps them to realize and remember that we don’t think we are better than them.  It inspires others to actually desire to want to be around us.  Together is better, because together we can uplift and strengthen one another.  Together, we can create a safe, connected, protected environment.

My youngest son, Dravyn, does this instinctively.  Most of the time he does it without even realizing it.  One day, at school, as he was talking with another boy in one of his classes.  This boy expressed his feelings of inadequacy anytime he was around my son.  My son is six-foot-tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, very fit, very smart, very driven, and very hard-working.  Being around him can be intimidating for people who don’t know him.  My son immediately pointed out some of his weaknesses, which in this case, was how poorly he draws.  He showed him an example of one of his drawings, and they laughed at it together.  They immediately bonded and connected, and the boy said, “Well, I guess we can be friends, after all!”

When we pretend to be perfect or better than others, or when we choose not to ever be vulnerable and share our feelings of weakness and inadequacy with others, we lose out on an opportunity to connect with them.  Others immediately start to think that we think we are better than them, or above them in some way.  It alienates us and destroys chances and opportunities for real, deep, meaningful connections that could otherwise take place.  We don’t have to be self-deprecating, but there is nothing wrong with being honest, and admitting we are not perfect, and that we are simply caught up in consistently trying to do our very best.

Sometimes we become attached to the need to look like we are better than others.  Sometimes we get caught up in the Comparison Game, in order to feed our ego, or the part of us that was taught from a very young age that we are somehow not good enough in our natural state, and we must put on an act because it matters what other people will think about us.  The TRUTH is, we ARE good enough, EXACTLY AS WE ARE.  We don’t need to put on an act.  It doesn’t matter what others think about us, and comparing our strengths to the weaknesses of others, just to feed that place in us that feels inadequate, worthless, and invalidated will NEVER benefit ANYONE.

Reminder to self:  There is true strength is being open, honest, transparent, and vulnerable around the right people at the right time.  Be wise with who you choose to be open and honest with.  There are some that would use your weaknesses against you, and there are others who will celebrate who you are and love you, no matter what.  PRACTICE RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE!  To be immune to ALL the opinions of others is to enjoy peace.

To have and enjoy more, we have to DO more, and up-level the WHO that we identify as in this body-but we will never BE more than WHAT we TRULY already are as a divine, eternal, interconnected energy.

Today I will remember that connections are important and that being vulnerable is actually a strength.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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  1. I agree with being relaxed enough to share our issues. If a person is alive they have issues including insecurities and other problems. Your son must be a understanding person and you must be a proud Dad. Enjoyed reading your stuff.
    Love Aunt Liz

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