October 29: Baby Steps

When I was finally ready to change, alter, and improve my life, I had to start small.  Even some of the small things were INCREDIBLY OVERWHELMING.

Evolution is a process.  It takes time.  It takes patience.  It creates momentum as it unfolds.  It takes consistency, and CONSISTENCY COMPOUNDS.

“Complexity is the enemy of execution.” -Marshall Goldsmith

KISS – Keep It Super Simple

Simplicity is the key to consistently.  Taking baby steps and remaining consistent when we realize we want to make a change in any area of our own life is the key.

Success in ANY area of our lives isn’t an elevator ride or an escalator.  It is a difficult, exhausting, meandering climb up a magnificently beautiful staircase, and we can only reach the top by consistently taking one step at a time.

It blows my mind when I look back and see how far I have come, just by consistently doing small, simple things.  It is my wish and desire that we can all say that, every year of our lives.

I started small.  I knew I had to change my life, but I didn’t know how.

Early on in my new endeavor for change, I was blessed to start believing that a shift in mindset would cause a shift in every other area of my life.  That, coupled with proper nutrition, made ALL the difference.  Once I discovered Wim Hof guided breathing techniques and meditation, my personal evolution became exponential.

I started REALLY small, because when I started, I was broken, hopeless, faithless, and dead inside.  I was depressed and suicidal.  I just knew I was suffering and everything hurt, and I didn’t want to experience the suffering anymore.

The small start was reading and saving one quote a day in a folder on my phone.  I would read all the quotes I had saved, then add a new one, every day.  The repetition worked!!  It improved my beliefs, perspective, and my mindset.  I only saved the quotes that challenged my current set of beliefs, and that I knew would improve my belief system and my mindset, and it really worked for me.

Four years later I had over 12,000 quotes on my phone.  I shared one every day with my kids and family members.  Some of the kids rolled their eyes when they got their daily texts.  I’m was known as the quote guy.  I’m proud of that.  I’m proud of the life I now live because of a small, easy, consistent start in 2014.  I’m grateful for baby steps.  The key to change in my life was to start slowly and easily.  It was easy to do.  It was also easy not to do, for so many years of my life.

Today, if I haven’t already, I will decide upon one thing I can do, each and every day, that is easy which, over time, will empower me to optimize and add value to me in some way.  I believe that by becoming more valuable I can add value to the lives of others.

The book, Atomic Habits, by James Clear, contains useable, useful, effective information and advice on how to easily and consistently change ANYTHING in our lives, and how to make it automatic, so we don’t even have the need to think about what we are doing, which frees up energy to create and enjoy a much more optimized lifestyle.  It is information I absolutely wish I had when I was starting over again in 2014.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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