October 30: Alchemizing our weaknesses into strengths:


When we upgrade our perspectives, WE UPGRADE EVERYTHING.

Take a quick look at these images.  What do you see?  An old lady?  A beautiful woman?

I was talking with a friend at work.  I was asking him for advice.  He is able to process things quickly and come up with a quick, witty, wise remarks, seemingly in any situation.  I have always admired and envied people who can do this.  I asked him how I could practice doing this and cultivate it as a talent and habit in my own life.

His response:  “Why would you want to?  Maybe what you are doing is a better way for you.  You are able to take something, think about it, break it apart and inspect it, then put it back together even better than it was before.  That is a talent.”  I had never thought of it in that way before.  I always thought this attribute to be a curse, or a weakness.  He helped me to realize that where I thought there was lack in myself, there was actually a blessing, and a certain valuable measure of abundance I wasn’t seeing.

Another time at work while speaking with him he expressed to me frustration about how people saw things like ADD and ADHD as an unhelpful weakness.  I immediately remembered what he had told me and repeated his idea back to him.  They call it Attention Deficit Disorder, like it is a problem or a negative thing.  Even the doctors look at it as though it is a part in someone that is broken, and there is lack, and a need to be helped or cured.  They even try to push medications onto people to “help” them!  What if it is nothing but a blessing and a gift?  He is able to focus on many different things at once, accomplishing so much more, in a short amount of time.

Because of my friend’s idea, I now believe that anything we view as a weakness, or something “broken” or “lacking” within us, has the potential to become or already be a strength and a blessing in our lives.  It isn’t a lack.  If utilized properly, it empowers us, and becomes an asset in our lives.

Maybe we don’t need a pill to “fix” us.  Maybe we simply need to look at the situation differently, up-level our perspective of The Self, upgrade our self-identity, believe differently, and do something about it differently that will bless our lives with abundance, fulfillment, purpose, happiness, and a sense of accomplishment and high self-worth, instead of seeing ourselves as broken or flawed.

After all of these years of seeing myself as “lacking” or “broken” or “flawed,” I now am grateful to be exactly who, what, and where I perceive that I am.  I’m grateful that the reset button is pushed every, single day and that I have a daily opportunity to improve my mindset, up-level my self-identity, and consistently upgrade my beliefs, resulting in progressively more enjoyable interactions and outcomes.

Today I will take a good look at myself and decide what I have been thinking are the weaknesses or flaws I have which have been making me, “not good enough.”  I will see how I can alter my perspectives and beliefs in some way to turn things around and think of those things as blessings in disguise.  I will remember that I have the capability and opportunity to utilize these as strengths to my benefit, and the benefit of others.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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