October 31: The Dimmer Switch Theory

I first heard about this idea on an interview with Bedros Keuilian.  He explained how changes in physical health don’t just happen overnight like when you turn on a light switch.  It happens more like a dimmer switch, where you can slowly turn up the light over a year’s time.

I immediately related that idea to the gradual, consistent, improvement in my mindset.  I can see how far the dimmer switch has gone up, for me, after I started over in 2014, and it makes me excited for the future!

The crazy thing is that when I left home and got married in my early twenties, my light switch was on.  I slowly let the darkness of life creep into my mind.  I was distracted by the darker things in life and my dimmer switch was lowered without me even realizing it, just like it was raised these last years without me even realizing it.  The light or the darkness creeps in and take over, undetected, relentlessly, and slowly, according to what we choose to focus on.  WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT.

I’ve learned the blessing of having a daily routine in my life.  With a routine, I am able to, “Prime the pump,” and start my day off ready for success, always turning the dimmer in the direction I want it to go.  I lived for decades without a daily routine, and I was like a small ship being tossed about on a stormy sea, feeling helpless, hopeless, and out of control.  I was a nice guy with my fingers crossed, hoping for the best and believing I wasn’t in control of my life or what happened to me.  I was wrong.

In life we attract either light or darkness, according to the quality of our thinking, speaking, habits, and consistent actions.  WE ARE IN CHARGE OF ALL OF THESE THINGS.  We either create or we destroy.  Our thoughts, words and actions, AND RESULTS IN LIFE will reflect that which we choose to focus on.

Content matters.  Environment matters.  Routines matter.  Goals matter.  Habits and consistent actions matter.  EVERYTHING matters.

Each thought produces an electrical impulse that produces a related chemical and hormonal cocktail.

These chemicals and hormones are pumped throughout our entire body within 2 beats of the heart and produce a FEELING related to the thought and those related, particular chemicals and hormones.

This feeling is magnetic in nature.  Scientists can now take pictures of these magnetic pulses at various distances away from the body, though what is theorized is that these magnetic pulses actually transmit outwardly EVERYWHERE-even outside our own universe.

This magnetic pulse, as it transmits, instantly draws in all people, circumstances, situations, and things that are magnetically alike. Each thought we think attracts what we think about.  Each thought is a vibration we emit, allowing only people, situations, and things back into our realm that vibrate at a similar frequency.  All else is repelled.

If we don’t consistently turn our thoughts towards what we WANT, we vibrate in alignment with what we DON’T want.  When we ONLY focus on the beautiful re-creation of self, our life, and the quality of our existence, it forms much more quickly than if we are unable to consistently focus on that which we want to create.

The more we think a thought and consistently focus on it, the more the dimmer switch moves in a direction to support that thought.  WE are in charge of our thoughts, which means we are in control of creating our personal realities.

Today I will decide which direction my dimmer switch has been going for me for the last year.  If I am uncomfortable with the direction it has been going, I will remember that in order for things to change, I must change.  In order for things to improve, I must improve.  I will review how I can improve my content consumption, environment, routines, rituals, goals, habits, perspectives, beliefs, self-image, and my lifestyle results.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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