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December 27, 2020.

I am grateful to be a writer.  To write, one must be capable of thinking.  Admittedly, thinking is a fairly new skill for me, as is writing.  The reason I am so grateful to be a writer is because of the constant upgrade in thinking that is required to constantly upgrade my writing skills.  This new ability I have been cultivating to actually think for myself has led to many awakenings, and a progressively deeper awareness and understanding-not only of myself, but if ALL things. 

Since I first started writing in 2017, at the ripe ‘old age of 45, I have enjoyed a noticeable improvement in my thinking, which has naturally resulted in an improvement of beliefs, personal philosophies, ideas, perspectives, habits, routines, and a remarkable improvement of outcomes in ALL areas of my personal life.  I’ve noticed that the level of enjoyment I experience continues to improve as my thinking does.  

This message may, at first, seem sacrilegious, or even offensive.  I assure you that my only intention is to create a wonderful reminder.  Please stay as open as possible to the message.  Dr. Wayne Dyer taught that when we get triggered, we are being blessed with the opportunity of information we need to recognize where we still have work to do.  Please keep this in mind, in case anything I share here is triggering.

Most of us spend our entire lives being told WHAT to think, rather that learning HOW to think.
I was so incredibly blessed to be born into, and raised up in, a beautiful family, with wonderful parents.  My family of origin was, and still is, AMAZING.  I was taught the very best beliefs and habits I could have possibly been taught, and raised up extremely well.  I eventually needed to learn more, question everything, and experiment with new ways of being.

Our minds thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and perspectives, can change and improve as often as we choose for them to, or never at all.  It is entirely up to US.  Luckily, I finally woke up to this truth in 2014.  That is when I finally decided to change things.

This article is a reflection of my CURRENT thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and perspectives:

I am god.  I am not A god-I am THE GOD, and so are YOU. My current beliefs lead me to think it’s possible that ALL LIVING THINGS are a beautiful EXTENSION and a perfect EXPRESSION of THE God.  

We are ALL temporary inhabitants of the vehicle we are in, within this physical realm, and to remember WHAT we are, within the spiritual realm, while working on the  perception or idea of the individual of WHO we are, while existing in this physical realm, is MAGICAL and empowering.

When we awaken, become aware of, realize, and CONSISTENTLY remember WHAT we are, things tend to become much easier in this life. When our wheels start spinning, we lose traction, and then begin sliding down the mountain we are climbing, it is important to remind ourselves WHAT WE ARE.  When we hate someone else, we are hating GOD.  When we are angry or frustrated with someone else, we are God, being angry and frustrated with GOD.   When we love, appreciate, and accept someone else, we are God, loving, appreciating, and accepting God, constantly and consistently re-creating the WHO we are while in this body, according to what we are focusing on.

Our loved ones never really die. They are within us. THEY ARE US. We are energetically, magnetically, vibrationally, and ETERNALLY interconnected as ONE. 

To my loved ones:  Please remember this!  I will never leave you.  I will ALWAYS be found within you, as I AM YOU…YOU ARE ME.

When we remember WHAT we are, we automatically make better decisions in our daily lives as WHO we are, which can ONLY result in more optimal outcomes. Remember this CONSTANTLY, then pivot, re-adapt, readjust, re-calibrate, recreate, and KEEP GOING.  KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

When we look in the mirror, we are under the perception that we are viewing OURSELVES.  In reality, we are witnessing the temporary, outward, physical manifestation of GOD.  

Look in the mirror, RIGHT NOW.  What do you see?  Repeat this DAILY, inside your mind, EVERY time you look in the mirror:  I AM GOD, expressing itself in the most beautiful ways possible, through this body and this short life I am now living.  Allow the subconscious and the RAS to go to work on this.  Allow this truth to empower you with the remembrance of your Divine Nature, and constantly, consistently, repetitiously, MAKE BETTER DECISIONS.

When we see thing differently, the things we are looking at become different.  It is our perceptions and beliefs that determine the physical realities we exist in, and our beliefs and perceptions are ENTIRELY UP TO US.  As we upgrade our beliefs and perceptions, we upgrade the quality of our life experiences and our level of enjoyment while in these current bodies.  We can ALWAYS up-level and upgrade our personal realities.  It’s up to US.  

“If it is to be, it’s up to me.”

This life is a playground in which we get to play.  Life is a dance we rehearse in our minds, and each day is the ever-progressing production in which each of us is the star, the main attraction.

I LOVE the line in the Taylor Swift song that says: “We ALL have crowns.  You need to calm down.”Our egos sometimes get caught up in comparisons, hoping to feel or look, “BETTER THAN,” when in reality, on the Spiritual Plane we are all IDENTICAL.  When we get caught up in the Physical Plane, and forget WHAT we are in the pursuit of the WHO we are, constantly trying to identify as an incredible, special, different, separate, and unique individual, we CREATE differently.  Things are just less enjoyable, and less beautiful.  If ONE of us is special and unique, we ALL are.  If ONE of us is important, WE ALL ARE.

 We ALL have crowns.

Yes, there are certain laws we are required to follow during our constant recreation process as humans within this physical ream, but once we learn how to more fully access WHAT we TRULY are within the Spiritual Ream, while simultaneously existing on the Physical Plane, we can literally bend these rules to create with, MUCH more effectively.

I really do think it is possible that ALL of us are the light, energy, love, and the outward, physical manifestation of God.

I have learned that WHATEVER we choose to believe and focus on, consistently and with intensity, BECOMES OUR PERSONAL REALITY.  Why not create the most perfect, beautiful, meaningful, purpose-filled, and enjoyable, personal reality POSSIBLE?  

What is YOUR idea of the perfect personal reality?  What would it take to create, manifest, and attract that EXACT reality?  Why would you want to?  Who would it benefit?  

What YOU choose to believe is ENTIRELY up to you.  The quality of our beliefs determine the quality of this life.  

What are the current beliefs you have that would serve you better if you upgraded them? Click on The goodinthehead Beliefs Project below, and get to work:

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