The beauty of questions is that asking the RIGHT questions of the RIGHT PEOPLE is like running a simulation.  It offers the opportunity to allow an individual to project themselves into the future, predict and outcome or result based on the experiences of others, and to receive real-time feedback and data that will then aid them in making BETTER decisions, plans, and strategies, that they may not have created without the answers and information given to them.  It also brings that person’s awareness to the forefront of their mind, in which they may realize the need for slight adjustments or recalibrations, in order to more effectively produce the possibility of alternate desired outcomes and results, MORE EFFICIENTLY and MORE QUICKLY. 

Learning all we can from others and creating a constant feedback-loop in which we place ourselves in a vulnerable position of receiving constant feedback can save YEARS of time, energy, and hard work. 

EVERYONE has something we can learn from.

This game was designed for those who are curious, who want to create deeper, more meaningful connections with others, and who are open to hearing about what others have learned, that very well may benefit the one asking the questions.

This game can be played daily, while at the dinner table, or at any other time.  It is an opportunity for EVERYONE to share THEIR insights, beliefs, and perspectives, thereby offering the possibility to everyone participating the opportunity for personal growth, expansion of the mind, or a possible beneficial upgrade in thinking.

We CONSTANTLY adapt, grow, expand, improve, recalibrate, and progress, but TOGETHER IS BETTER, and it is through others that we can optimize or personal programming more quickly. 

When we experience personal growth, work towards up-leveling our perspectives, and we upgrade our beliefs to serve us, rather than unknowingly allowing them to hold us back, we experience fundamental changes that can only result in even BETTER OUTCOMES.  We CHANGE for the better.  Have you ever read a book, and asked, “Wow!  When did they rewrite the book?” only to realize, later, that YOU were the one that was re-written?  As you evolve and expand your own consciousness, your answers to the questions in this game will change, as well.  Play this game often, with various people of various backgrounds.  REALLY LISTEN to YOUR answers, as well as the answers of the other players in the game.


To play:  Sit in a circle, or across from one another, and decide who will go first.  Play rock, paper, scissors, flip a coin, or simply call out, “NOT IT!”  The first person to go draws a card and answers the question.  Decide BEFORE playing if EVERYONE will then take a turn answering the same question, or if the next person to play will be choosing the next card and answering THAT question.  If you are playing by yourself, WRITE DOWN your answers, being as detailed and thorough as you can be.  Play at the dinner table each night by allowing everyone the opportunity to answer the question as detailed and thoroughly as possible.  Bring the game on a date to REALLY get to know your date better.  Play it over text messaging.  Play it at a party.  JUST PLAY.  Have fun with it!  Dive deep, be as honest, open, and transparent as possible, and enjoy.  Focus on practicing the skills of being kind, understanding, empathetic, accepting, tolerant, and loving.  Practice the art and skill of listening by allowing the person answering the question your full attention, the time to finish the answer, and following up with any additional questions you may have or be curious about.  The most interesting person in a room is the most INTERESTED person in the room.

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