September 13: What Should I Do?

Many of us struggle through life for years, wondering what we should do.  We are exposed to so many new things along the way.  If we have wise parents, teachers, and mentors, we have been advised to try as many new and different things as possible, and as a natural result we learn and have new experiences.  This is a beautiful blessing life affords us.  It allows us the opportunity to really LIVE, through experimentation and experiences.

As humans, if we are lucky, we have the dignity of CHOICE.  It is entirely up to us how to use this, and what to choose.

We are constantly being exposed to new ways of thinking, speaking, and being, and the more OPEN we are to these things, the higher the potential for benefit and enjoyment in our lives is.  As we are exposed to new ways of doing things, we are able to pick and choose which ways we prefer for US, as unique individuals, knowing intuitively that things that may work for others, may not necessarily work for US.  If we are free to choose to think, speak, and do as we wish, the possibilities of who and what we choose to become as humans are limitless.  What a blessing!

As we go along in this life, it is important to take personal inventory, all along the way.  It is also helpful to record our progress that we may later compare ourselves to our older selves.  Is what we are choosing contributing to the expansion of the light and goodness of ourselves and others, or is what we are choosing detracting from our light and creating darkness and unhappiness within us?

I love this question:  “What can I do and enjoy immensely, even if I am failing miserably at it?”

I’ve heard that wise people find a way to do that.  Eventually, they tend to create and live in a joyful, wealthy, abundant state.  That tends to happen when we repeatedly and consistently do what we truly love doing.

We all have the opportunity to find what we can do and enjoy immensely.  EVERY MOMENT is an opportunity to do so.

Today I will take a personal inventory and search my heart, mind, and soul to honestly seek out the things I love to do most in this life.  I will also open myself to new experiences.  I will find a way to do MORE of what I truly love, creating a more enjoyable, fulfilling, meaningful, purpose-filled life for myself.  I know that if I do this I will be of more value, empowering myself with more energy and light, to be happier, and to help and empower others even more.

One of the most helpful interviews I have ever heard, which quickly made me decide to research this man and his teachings, came from Tom Bilyeu’s YouTube show, IMPACT THEORY.  It features Jay Shetty, and every time I watch it, I am blown away!

I wish you well on YOUR journey.  While it is a personal quest for greatness, evolution, and development you seek, as a highly unique and individualized person, experimenting with things that have worked well for others is so WISE, and AVOIDING things that have DESTROYED the lives of others is ALSO wise.  We can choose to use the experiences of others as a roadmap for our own lives, or we can choose to learn it all for ourselves.  Either way works!

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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