September 14: All The Little Things Along The Way

There is no such thing as an overnight success.  The opposite is also true.  There is no such thing as an overnight failure.

It’s all the little things along the way that don’t seem to matter that truly matter the most.  It is the morning routine we adopt that is so difficult but so important to do.  It’s waking up just a little earlier to work on something, to study, to exercise, or to review goals.  It’s setting an alarm throughout the day to read positive quotes, do breathing exercises, or make a phone call to a creditor we don’t want to make.  OR, it is constantly, consistently, neglecting these things until they compile, compound, and become massively overwhelming.  Each of us chooses what to focus on all day long until it becomes a habit.

It is the lack of intentional discipline that slowly kills off the soul the quickest.  When we are conscious of the fact that we are not doing our very best at something, and we consciously continue to choose the same actions, we suffer.  We are diminished, we lose credibility with ourselves, we become depleted of energy, and our souls shrink, only by our own volition.

All of the difficulties and problems in our lives make us stronger.  When we become complacent or comfortable, we stop growing.  We can choose to wait around for life to throw problems at us and then grow because of them or we can choose to do things that will continuously force us, motivate us, and inspire us towards personal growth.  Then, when life throws problems at us, we are more prepared to respond in different, more effective ways than we would have, had we not already grown and been prepared to face it all.

The trees which live in harsh environments, that experience high winds, and that live through storms that seem to continuously conspire against them, tend to grow stronger, develop deeper roots, which reach out for the roots of other trees around them for added support.  As humans, if we learn to do the same, we tend to live more meaningful, connected, fulfilling, purpose-filled lives, and we thrive, instead of merely surviving.

We are always progressing, regressing, or sleeping.

Reminder to self:  It’s time to wake up, stop hurting, begin healing, and design your own personal progression plan.  Lean into what lights you up and energizes you.  Move away from the people, situations, circumstances, and things, which steal away your energy and shrinks your soul.  It is time to expand, grow, and evolve.

Are you ready?  If not now, when?  Our small, daily disciplines add up, compiles, compounds and build us up, continuously, consistently strengthening us, and expanding our souls OR our small, daily decisions or practices of neglect, destroys our confidence, leaving us aware that we didn’t do our very best, and shrinking our souls, draining us of energy and ambition.



Today I will take a good look at all of the little things I do throughout the day.  I will take pride in them and add a few more things to my daily routine, if needed, that I know I need to do in order to further my own, personal progress.  I will force myself out of my comfort zone and begin to grow and expand, before life even has a chance to do it for me.  I will prepare myself for a better life by learning how to do better, AND THEN DOING IT.

“The quality of our lives often depends upon the quality of our habits.”

Trust me-you’ll want to listen to this one. 🙌🔥👌

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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    1. Coming from someone who has mage a HUGE difference in MY life, and impacted me in so many positive ways, that means a lot. Thank you, Joe. Love you.

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