September 15: Snowball Fights

When I was a young boy, I sometimes visited the snow with family or friends.  Inevitably, we would end up in a snowball fight.  It was important to create an arsenal of snowballs.  The more, the better, and the quality of the snowball was important, too.

Sometimes, while playing in the snow, we would make a snowball at the top of a hill.  One of us would start the snowball rolling down the hill.  Something amazing would happen.  As it rolled down the hill, it would pick up momentum and start to grow bigger!  As it got bigger it also got heavier, and so more and more snow would stick to it, and it would roll down the hill faster and faster, continuously gaining momentum and weight.  Some of those little snowballs would turn into huge, powerful, and sometimes dangerous, unstoppable, rolling mounds of snow.  Some of them were capable of eventually get as big as a car as they rolled down the bigger hills.  It was incredible to watch.

I sometimes think about how, in life, each step towards personal progress or any little, seemingly meaningless improvement, is like a snowflake falling down.  Enough of those daily, little, consistent things we do can adds up over time, and create a lot of snow.

Enough snow, falling in just the right place, can cause an avalanche.  Our daily, habitual practices can do the same!

Eventually, in life, we can begin making snowballs to add to our own, personal snowball arsenal.  Some of these snowballs can be taken to the top of a hill and rolled down.  They have the potential and ability to become something very large, powerful, unstoppable, and dangerous, just like some of the skills we acquire throughout our lives.  We can grow our skills, knowledge, intelligence, spirit, finances, or whatever else we choose to work on, exponentially.

Albert Einstein said, “Compounding interest is the eighth wonder of the world.”  I don’t think he was just talking about money.  The harder we work at it and the more time we put into it, whatever IT is, the more it becomes like that huge, powerful, rolling ball of snow, crashing down the hill of life.  Some hills are longer than others, just like some lives are longer than others.  Either way, MOMENTUM MATTERS.


Consistency creates a conversion and a convergence of circumstances that will serve and save us, and those we love.

Consistency is key.  It is the difference between a little growth and exponential growth.

Unstoppable is the human spirit.  Unknown is our potential.  Vast and unlimited are our opportunities for expansion.  Limitless are our possibilities for creation.

Are you ready for a snowball fight?  If not, what EXACTLY would you need to do to get that way?  Jay Shetty teaches that we cannot BE what we cannot SEE.  We can learn so much through observing others, and then envisioning ourselves doing the same or similar things.  If we are able to create a time and space each day, spent in quiet reflection, where we envision and visualize the EXACT life we want to live and experience in just 5 short years, it might just happen.  DREAM BIG.

Today I will think on what I will do daily and consistently, to work on my own personal arsenal of snowballs for the fight ahead, and decide upon which ones I will start rolling down the hill of life.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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