September 22: Confront The Difficult

“Confront the difficult while it is still easy.”

-Tony Robbins

“Kill the monster while it is still a baby.”

-Tony Robbins

We all have problems, difficulties, and challenges in this life.  It is designed to be that way.  This life is sometimes a struggle because it is supposed to be one.  The Universe was designed from the beginning, to conspire on our behalf, and it knows, just as we do, that a life of constant ease breads weakness.  We need difficulties and struggles to learn to grow, adapt, and evolve.

My favorite NIKE shirt simply says:


When we choose to remain in our comfort zone, life has a way of rather violently shoving us out of that zone.  When we choose to remain stagnant for any amount of time, remaining satisfied in our comfort zone, relaxing more than even we know we should, the Universe does its job, and kicks our teeth in.

All throughout life, as we encounter these necessary and valuable difficulties and struggles, it is a great strategy to confront the difficult things in our lives when they are in the early stages, before they get out of hand and become unmanageable and overwhelming, and cause us undo, unnecessary stress.  As we make confronting the difficult things as soon as they arise a habitual part of our life experience, we get better and better at confronting and dealing with everything that will absolutely need to be addressed, preferably sooner rather than later.  This extremely beneficial habit then becomes an automated response, freeing up our time and energy for creation and enjoyment, rather than spending our time and energy focused on stress.

It comes down to SURVIVING or THRIVING.  The choice is OURS.  Even when the physical world is chaotic and terrifying, our INNER world we create can ALWAYS be a safe haven.

When there is a problem in our lives, I think it is useful to shine a spot light on it.  We will be amazed at how many people will come from every which way to help us, by offering advice, information, wisdom, and support.  Most of the time they have been where we are at, already experiencing what we are now confronting, and because they love us and don’t want to see us suffering the same way they did, they will do anything to help us cope with and alleviate the suffering and pain from our lives.

Pain happens in an instant, while SUFFERING comes to us from the meanings WE attach to the painful moments.  We suffer EVERY TIME we choose to re-live the painful moments in our minds.  Suffering ends WHEN WE END IT, through doing the difficult work of recognizing the benefits that came to us through the painful moments and by upgrading our perspectives and perceptions.

The people we choose to have in our lives can be good for us in this way; however, it is important we remember not to allow them to enable us and take over our lives and alleviate the problems for us, or the next time the same, or a similar problems arise, we will not have built up the skills, or the strength, to contend with and confront the problem as well as we need to be able to.  We can choose to insist on doing the hard work for ourselves, and accept guidance and support where it is freely given.  Instead of allowing others to save us, we can use their wisdom and support while we save ourselves.

Consistently confronting our own issues, problems, weaknesses, struggles, and difficulties, to the best of our abilities, allows us the opportunity to struggle and grow, consistently becoming a stronger, more beautiful version of ourselves.  As we learn of the tools available to be more of ourselves, it is important to share these tools with others who are seeking them.

The most beautiful, most memorable stories and memories of my life, and the situations that have happened that I consider to be miracles, have always involved others.  They haven’t ever happened when I was alone.  It is through our connecting, interacting, and bonding with others, learning from and sharing with them, that life gets better.

Confronting difficulties alone builds individual strength, but confronting difficulties with others builds collective strength, and together, so much more can be accomplished.  As Simon Sinek teaches:


Today I will shine a spotlight on my problems, difficulties, or issues.  I will confront the difficult thing while it is still relatively easy, remembering that any problem I leave to grow will do just that.  I will be open to the support, wisdom, information, and experience of others, and I will provide the same to those who may be seeking it.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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