September 21: The Culture Solution

“The only problem we have these days is a CULTURE PROBLEM.”

-Jessica Jackley

“WAR is a blessing, compared with NATIONAL DEGRADATION.”

-Andrew Jackson

The MAIN Social Dilemma, in my opinion, is the lack of UNITY and COOPERATION which is now so prevalent in today’s culture.  How do we re-unite?

What would the solution(s) be to a culture problem?  There are countless, limitless ways to solve such a broad, complex problem.  There are so many tools available.

The reason that solving a culture problem can be so difficult and complex, is that humans are involved, and truthfully, what is more complex than humans?  We each have a mind, a body, and a soul.  Ever-changing chemicals, hormones, genetics, opinions, beliefs, and everything about our minds, bodies, and souls, come into play, and every one of these things play an important role from moment to moment.  Humans are completely unique.  No two humans are exactly alike.  I believe this is the most beautiful thing about each of us, as individuals.

Exact alignment in a certain cause, or getting, and remaining, on the same page, can sometimes be a tremendous challenge, be it at work, in groups, at home, or in a love relationship.

Thr first step, in my opinion, to solving this culture problem:

Improving mindset.

The only thing stopping us from doing anything is our mindset.
-Peter Diamantis

Things like mindset, respect, personal integrity, honesty, dignity, development, improvement, clarity, presence, awareness, mindfulness, consistency, attitude, commitment, appreciation, compassion, unconditional love, character, kindness, generosity, love, empathy, momentum, focus, and especially discipline, are all things that will contribute to MASSIVE improvements in ANY culture.  ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE USUALLY FIRST LEARNED AND PRACTICED IN THE HOME, or at least they used to be.

There are three ways we can learn and experience ANY or ALL of these things:

  1. First person point of view-by personal observation and experience.  In this way we develop through learning from our own, sometimes limited, inexperienced views, perspectives, and experiences.
  2. Second person point of view-by observing and interacting with others.  This is how a story is told, where someone tells a story to another character using the word ‘you.’  We could be talking to an audience, which we can tell by the use of ‘you,’ ‘you’re,’ and ‘your.’  This is where we, as parents, tend to say, ‘You should,’ or ‘You ought to’ or ‘It would be better for you if…’
  3. Third person point of view-by observing others interacting with each other.  These observations and this learning can be done in person, by watching others interact in real-time out in public, or in private, watching recorded videos.  This, I believe, is the most potentially dangerous and the most potentially valuable way to learn, depending entirely upon what the main focus is.

Our children now have unfettered, unlimited, constant, continuous access to ABSOLUTELY ANY CONTENT on the internet, AT ALL TIMES.  Here, in this electronic world, there are predators, which WILL prey upon the minds of young, unknowing, or inexperienced ones, programming them through specific, genius, seemingly harmless advertisements, quickly and efficiently leading them into addictions and a mass degradation  of the mind, and society as a whole.  Collectively, we are all at risk, and most of us don’t even realize it, yet.  We all know there is a MASSIVE amount of social problems, and that there are MANY contributing factors, but many of us don’t yet realize that a simple shift in mindset and beliefs, will then quickly shift the way we habitually think, speak, and act, thereby contributing to a MASSIVE improvement in the home, in our relationships, everywhere we go, and to society, as a whole.

Our decided, intentional focus will determine everything.  We become what we think about.  If we are programmed to focus on what others want us to think about, we are allowing them control over our most precious and valuable tool-OUR MINDS.

It all starts with us, as individuals.  Our level of presence and awareness ought to be just that-OURS.  We must stand guard at the door of our minds.  We must fight for a better future, through living a better present.  Living each moment INTENTIONALLY, is a choice.  We are not meant to be victims of life, but rather VICTORIOUS CREATORS OF IT.  It all starts in our mind, then spreads outward to those we love, causing endless ripple effects throughout society.  Personally, first, and then TOGETHER, we can address this culture problem, through focusing on the solutions, and taking action.

Anywhere there are problems, there are opportunities.  Solutions are valuable, and in high demand.

Today I will think of ways I can implement an improvement in my own mindset into my daily routine, so that I can habituate consistent, empowering, helpful tools, in order to own and create my present reality, and design a future in alignment with EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, rather than what others want for me, which benefits them, more than it does me.

The documentary, The Social Dilemma, explains how social programming works, and why it works so well.

Jessica Jackley has many incredible ideas on how we can truly live a life of meaning and impact, both personally, and collectively.  I first encountered her ideas on creating and acting upon a meaningful, fulfilling MISSION, on the YouTube show, Impact Theory.

goodinthehead is also on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  Follow me there, as well, for daily messages, inspiration, motivation, and reminders.  Please pay it forward, and share any message which may empower someone you love or may care about.  It is through adding value to others by sharing and spreading wisdom, that we become more valuable as individuals, and collectively, as a whole, we all become wiser.

Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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