September 24: Practice In Your Mind

Speaking with our oldest granddaughter is always a treat.  She is so cute and so intelligent.  One day, she announced that she was going to be featured in that year’s school talent show.  Out of the 400 students that tried out, she was one of the 20 students that was picked for the talent show.  She was so proud, and so were we.

She mentioned that she practiced every day, except for the days that she was at Nana’s house, where she didn’t have a piano to practice with.  I related to her the following story:

There once was a man who was in prison for a five-year time period.  He was extremely bored, and found himself with a lot of time on his hands.  One of the things he did to pass the time was to go to the library.  He found a book all about playing the guitar.  He had never touched a guitar in his life, but had always wanted to learn how to play.  He read the book, over and over, which was complete with information, lessons, instructions, and pictures.  He learned how to play the guitar in his mind.  As he continued this practice in his mind every day, he could envision himself actually completing the chords and picking the strings, just like in the book.  The interesting thing was that they didn’t have any guitars to actually, physically practice there in the prison, where he was doing his time.

When this man got out of prison, he had practiced playing the guitar so often in his mind that the first time he picked up an actual guitar he did incredibly well.

I suggested to the granddaughter that she practice in her mind, even if a piano wasn’t available to her.  She did incredibly well at the talent show.  We were so surprised at how talented she is, and so proud of her.

A great lesson to remember is this:  Even if we don’t have all of the physical tools we need to accomplish what we wish to, the most important tool of all is our mind.  We can focus on the excuses and the lack we see and choose to believe, in order to justify not doing a thing, or we can focus on the solutions possible to us, and realize the abundance of limitless opportunities our minds are capable of presenting us with, and choose to follow through.  Visualization practices, and constantly practicing something in our minds, is an opportunity for improvement and progression in anything.  We can be or do anything we can first see ourselves being or doing, in our mind’s eye.

Jay Shetty teaches:


Today I will remember that my mind, and how I use it, is the most important and powerful tool I will ever need to accomplish anything.  I will repeatedly and consistently envision completing tasks in the most desirable manner possible, which I want to be excellent at.

One of the greatest visualization mentors, and a pioneer of creation through thought, is a man by the name of John Earl Shoaff.  We have very few recordings of this man’s teachings, but what we have is gold!  He is worth looking into and researching.  Plug his name into google and YouTube, and see what tools you find.  I assure you it will be well worth the time spent.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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