The mind can not tell the difference between reality and imagination.  The exact same hormones and chemicals are released into the bloodstream when actually experiencing something as when it is imagined in the mind.

We can think ourselves sick, or we can think ourselves whole.

We can gain pleasure in the mere THOUGHT of things that we may never attain in reality, though if we can see it, WE CAN ACHIEVE IT as the body believes it.

WHAT WE TELL OUR BODIES IS TRUE THROUGH THE MIND IT BELIEVES, and sets about doing what is necessary to achieve the repetition of that state to keep it a consistent physical and virtual reality for us to continue to experience.


-Earl Nightingale 

“If you will assume your desire and live as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.”

-Neville Goddard

Our minds are projectors of our inner realities.  To upgrade our human life experiences, it is necessary for us to upgrade our inner environment.  

If we desire to experience more peace, we must focus upon creating more peace and harmony WITHIN, and letting go of ALL that which is opposing it.  Every subconscious, programmed, habituated belief and thought which supports peace must be enhanced, focused upon, energized through repetition, paid attention to, and FELT.  

This is true for EVERYTHING.

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches that the neurons no longer being used to support an old thought pattern being repeated, which has been replaced by a new thought being repeated, will be recruited by the new thought to support IT.  


WHAT WE FOCUS ON, WE FEED, just as what we choose to no longer focus on starves and dies.

Our current life experiences are simply an extension of what we feed and focus on the MOST.  Shifting perspectives and focus to what we DO want more of, and feeding and focusing ONLY on THAT, can only result in an alternate reality congruent with what we are constantly projecting from within.

WE are the makers of our, ”LIFE MOVIE.”

Most humans create a life out of REACTION to the realities of OTHERS colliding with theirs, having no goals, no purpose, no intentions, and no vision.

The true magic of life begins at the start of each day by setting an alarm to go of as a daily reminder, WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU WANT MORE OF, then focusing ONLY on people, circumstances, things, and topics of conversation and thought that supports THAT list.  Doing this with 100% commitment leaves no time for distractions, watching the news, or doing things that can only result in the accomplishing of the dreams of OTHERS.

Reviewing a written list of ALL we wish for, hope, want, and desire, at the start and the close of each day, then feeling in to the reality of these things already being achievable and acquired, programs the subconscious mind to focus ONLY on what will support these creations throughout the day and as we sleep.  THIS IS ONE OF THE FEW PRACTICES WHICH ALL “HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL” individuals have in common.  I have tried this, and the results are nothing short of miraculous.

The human mind was created with a device installed called the RAS, or RETICULAR ACTIVATING SYSTEM, which has only ONE purpose: to ONLY allow into the mind that which we KOST desire to focus upon and manifest, which protects the mind from shutdown from overwhelm.

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