In this amazing interview, the topics of hate, rejection, intolerance, racism, and anger, are BEAUTIFULLY addressed:

ANYTHING that is learned, can be UNLEARNED or displaced from our lives, through intense, intentional focus on that which we truly DESIRE.

I am just now finishing one of the greatest books ever written:  Victor Frankl’s, MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING.  Here is a link to the audio version:

Here are some things that crossed my mind while listening to this amazingly told life experience, along with lessons learned on how to successfully and gracefully navigate extremely painful life experiences:

It is because of unhealed wounds, unresolved trauma, and the constant buildup of residual pain, that causes us to want to lash out and hurt others.  Only hurt people hurt other people.  Remember this the next time someone behaves in a destructive or hurtful way, and respond with love and empathy.

How do you define your sense of self?  Who are you, REALLY?  Are you defined by your money, your house, your body, or your things?  From where do you derive your sense of self, sense of importance, and sense of and validation?

Racism can be defined as a person who has been hurt, bullied, and abused, who is justifiably angry, and who wants to feel significant, important, and validated, but doesn’t know any other way to feel these things than to criticize, judge, and abuse others verbally, emotionally, or physically, thereby creating a temporary, yet weak, sense of superiority through making the other person feel lost, less than, or broken.  This sometimes creates a temporary sense of significance and validation.  

Hurt people hurt other people, but winners don’t hate on other winners.  

These bodies are bio mechanical, bio electrical, chemical, hormonal, genetic, simulation machines.  This life is nothing but a simulation.  Our personal simulators are all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are all unique.  There are no two EXACTLY ALIKE, and that makes each of us an original, beautiful, amazing, perfect creation.  On the inside of this simulator, WE exist, as an energetic, vibrational frequency.  On the INSIDE, we are all the same-perfected energetic beings of light, all coming from the EXACT SAME SOURCE, here to find TRUE meaning, for ourselves.  When we awaken to remember who we ACTUALLY are, no longer identifying with this physical body or that which IT has, realizing we are DIETY in physical form, experiencing a physical reality we can dream up, visualize, and control through focused thought alone, EVERYTHING will begin to make sense.  EVERYTHING will change.

What are the reasons that you do not kill yourself?  THESE are the things to hold tight to in times of darkness.  THESE things bring meaning and purpose to your life.  Lean into these things.  Focus all energy upon THESE things, build them up, and think on ways to always, constantly, consistently improve these things.

To pursue happiness, success, love, acceptance, or ANYTHING we perceive to be good and desirable, is to acknowledge THE LACK OF IT in one’s life.  These things, like ALL things, only come into our lives as a natural Bi product of no longer caring to pursue these things, realizing that the pursuit of these things is to chase them away, instead of attracting them.  It is only by no longer caring about their existence, and through simply BEING MORE OF WHO WE ARE, that we naturally attract ANYTHING or ANYONE into our personal realm.  Our vibe attracts our tribe.  That which we focus on, tends to manifest itself in our lives, more and more prevalently.  WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT.  We cannot pursue things-they must ENSUE.

Is all that I am able to envision and visualize, during meditation and deep contemplation, actually only a memory?  Has it already happened AS I experience it?  Is the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE, the SAME?  Is this why it all feels so real, and as though it has already happened?

The most gratifying of challenges and achievements, is to consistently choose to control our inner world, while our outer world is in complete chaos.

When we remember, realize, learn, or know, the MEANING behind our ACTUAL EXISTENCE, life gets better.  Life gets easier.  Life becomes INCREDIBLE. Our meaning is the reason we get up in the morning, strive to always do our best, so we can consistently BE MORE of who we are, in order to contribute to self and others on a large scale, and add value to others and this world we live in.  Our meaning is our reason for living!  What we can do for ourselves, for others, and even for POTENTIAL OTHERS, gives us meaning.

Have a DREAM.  Have a GOAL.  Have a VISION.

***Make a list of every potential opportunity or reason for living and ACTUAL MEANING we can bring to this life experience.

Question:  In YOUR life, do you strive for MEANING, or SUPERIORITY?

Suffering ceases to be suffering, when it finds a MEANING or a REASON for existence.  In NO WAY is suffering necessary or required to find meaning.

TOOL:  Look back at your life, right now, as if you are on your death bed, and ask yourself:  Was my life a failure or a success?  What made it so?

When pleasures of ANY kind are a goal, pursued after, rather than being a natural bi product of enjoyable activity, these pleasures cease to be enjoyable.  Chase wealth, happiness, or love, and we will chase them away.  Such things must be ATTRACTED TO US, or be a natural bi product of a life well-lived. 

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