Would you like to literally get younger and healthier, starting TODAY?  What if you could live for HUNDREDS of years?  This interview contains the information that makes this an actual reality and possibility!  

The science behind this information is mind-blowing, and the information is put in a way that is entertaining to listen to.

This interview introduced information to me I had never before come across, and brought many questions to my mind:

METFORMIN is being used to reverse the aging process, along with a few other medications in this interview.  It works by poisoning the mitochondria, which kills off the weaker cells, then strengthens the stronger cells, mass-producing HEALTHIER mitochondria, and slowing down the aging process.  

A RIGID, INFLEXIBLE body will produce a rigid, inflexible mind.  An INFLEXIBLE, RIGID mentality will produce THOUSANDS stress hormones and stress-induced chemicals, which will actually counteract any healthy, beneficial rituals, routines, and habits currently being practiced.  A flexible mind equals a flexible body, and a flexible body will yield a flexible mind.  Some things that help:

-Workout and practice optimal nutrition habits as often as possible.  *See the YouTube show, HEALTH THEORY, for all of the latest and greatest information and different things to try and see what works for you-stick with what work for you, leave the rest behind.

-Rest, recover, and recuperate often.  

-Relaxing music, essential oils, and meditation-preferably all at the same time.


-Regular, daily stretching routines.  

-Lemon water first thing in the morning to create a less acidic/higher alkaline environment within the body to stave off illnesses and diseases. 

-Hot/Cold plunges.


*All of these things will help slow down the aging process, keep you healthy, and keep you living a GREAT lifestyle, until they come out with scientific ways to REVERSE the aging process!

Questions:  If you found out you could live a healthy 1,000 years, how would your goals differ?  How would your daily routine be different?  Would you rush to work harder, focus more intensely, and accomplish more, faster, or would you relax, slow down, and take your time with these things?  How would life change for you, personally, if you knew you were going to live much longer?  How would your goals change?  Would you want or need more resources/money?  Why?  

Would you invest more?

Would you further your education, or even get a Master’s degree or your Doctorate, in EVERY subject?  Would you rush through jumping through the hoops, or would you delve deep into each class and only finish one class per year?  

Which languages would you master,

Which musical instruments would you learn how to play?

What would this level of longevity do to the economy, and to the population?

Which skills would benefit you the most, if you were to live an excellent, healthy, happy, fulfilling additional 1,000 years?!

From 1998 to 2014, I went through dark times, where I didn’t want to live AT ALL, let alone hundreds of more years; however, with a MASSIVE shift in MINDSET and BELIEFS, I can now honestly say that I ABSOLUTELY DO want to live forever, working towards creating a much more beautiful, optimal, meaningful, fulfilling physical existence, and empowering others to learn the tools and habits to do the same exact thing for themselves.

This life was meant to purpose-filled and enjoyable.    It’s not supposed to be easy, but if we learn how, remain consistent, and continuously build up momentum, we can create the exact existence we desire.  

The possibilities are limitless.  The opportunities are tremendous.  The bigger we dream, the bigger we live. ❤️🤘👍

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