September 4: Uniqueness and Individuality

As unique individuals, only WE can cause the EXACT ripple effect we cause in our own, unique way, which will impact the masses and reverberate throughout the eternities to come, as they interact with the ripples of others, constantly resulting new and unique collective creations.  The echo and the footprint we leave behind will last FOREVER.  It is up to us exactly what that will look like, and what kind of an impact we will have on generations to come.  It all starts NOW.


This way of being is just ONE of the LIMITLESS choices of a way of BEING.

We are all originals.  What we choose to create each day, how we navigate and up-level EVERY interaction, the structure or chaos of our daily life, our morning routine, and OUR VERY REALITY, is ENTIRELY up to us to constantly re-create in a better, more beautiful and enjoyable way, each and every day.

Have you ever heard the theory about snowflakes, and how there has never been, and will never be, any two snowflakes alike?  We can learn SO MUCH through simply observing nature.  We humans are certainly that way.  We are all unique and different in so many ways.  Our brains are complex biological, vibrational, electrical, chemical, hormonal machinery which house a soul and the WHAT we are, while allowing us to create the WHO we identify as, while temporarily inhabiting this particular physical body.

It all works in unbelievable, seemingly impossible, incredibly amazing perfectly structured and organized order, for our greater good.  The unlimited possibilities of ever-developing and evolving neural connections, as well as the constant fluctuation of chemical and hormonal possibilities, which results in constant change in our brains, amongst TRILLIONS of actual neurons which CONSTANTLY and instantaneously restructure themselves within the brain, ensures there will never be two identical humans in the existence of mankind.  There will NEVER be another you.

New science and research points to the possibility that neurons are actually soft antenna that accesses thoughts, ALL of which are EXTERNAL and nowhere to be found INSIDE us.

It baffles and confuses me why we all race around, trying SO hard to judge, criticize, condemn, manipulate, coerce, and control OTHERS to think, speak, and act, JUST LIKE US.  We want to think OUR way is the ONLY “right” way.  Nations and people of different religions go to war and KILL people for not agreeing. WHY?!

Some of the things that affect us are the environment we are surrounded by, the consistently repeated thoughts that we choose to allow to go through our minds, the choices we make, the words we speak, the things we do, the people we surround ourselves with, the content we focus on the most, and the ways we react to every situation in our daily lives.

The chemicals which are released into our bodies when we think, experience emotional responses and feelings, exercise, eat food, and drink liquids, are just some of the many ways we are all different and unique.  EVERY PART OF US is unique, down to each cell is fluctuating and constantly in a state of change in order to maintain optimal growth and health.

All of these things produce a physical body that responds to the quality of these things, and the higher quality we input, the higher quality our bodies output.  This physical body responds to EVERYTHING we choose to create internally, to everything we ingest, and to everything we think, say, and do.

The information we ingest in the form of food and drink interacts with the quality of the information of our current set of chemicals and hormones INSTANTANEOUSLY produced by our current thoughts, and so WHAT WE THINK WHEN WE EAT is of HUGE importance.  When we have happy, empowering, grateful thoughts while we eat and our bodies digest a meal, WE BECOME MUCH HEALTHIER than we do when eating while stressed, angry, hateful, frustrated, bitter, and resentful.  We simply manufacture and release completely different chemical cocktails depending upon what we choose to think about.  WE are the creators of our physical realities!

When we think a thought, electrical reactions occur, INSTANTLY releasing and injecting a chemical cocktail that relates to that thought.  Within only two pumps of the heart, these chemicals have traveled throughout our ENTIRE BODY, producing FEELINGS related to that thought and those chemicals.  FEELINGS are MAGNETIC.  Scientists can now measure a magnetic field emitting away from us that our feelings create!  The field alters, changes, and fluctuates, according to our thought patterns.  This magnetic field then pulls in, or magnetically attracts, ALL people, circumstances, situations, and things that are energetically charged in similar wave patterns and vibrational energies of the magnetic field we create around ourselves with our feelings.

WE CHOOSE the thoughts that create the feelings that produce the magnetic field which either attracts or repels ALL things into or out of our personal realities, which are ALWAYS, CONSISTENTLY being re-created by the quality of our THOUGHTS.


It is only when we realize the truth about the importance of WHAT we CHOOSE to consistently think about that we can make better choices, consistently think higher quality thoughts, and re-create this construct in which we live to BE OF A HIGHER QUALITY.  If you can imagine a world of ONLY love, peace, safety, comfort, and enough food and abundance for EVERYONE, and think only thoughts of THESE things, feeling whole and complete, while NEVER allowing the distractions of this chaotic, tumultuous world to sway your thinking from these things, you are on your way to contributing to the actual re-creation of that world IN REAL TIME!

There isn’t just one right way or one best way to do anything.  There is only the best way for each of us as individuals, and I think we each need to figure out what that is for ourselves, through experimentation and experience.  RESULTS DON’T LIE.  As a part of our own learning process in finding out what works best for us as individuals, experimentation and experience is imperative.

Because we live in The Information Age and knowledge about anything is literally seconds away, ignorance and not learning is a choice.  We are so blessed to live in this incredible and amazing time.

It is important that each of us figures out the best, most effective, efficient, and beneficial way, to continually improve and progress, personally.  We can ask questions of ourselves during this personal quest for improvement and progress:  What is the best diet possible for me?  What is the best exercise program for me?  What is the best sleep schedule for me?  What is the best morning routine for me?  What is my idea of the perfect day and how can I create it for myself?  What is my vision of a perfect life?  What can I do each day to work towards living that while fully enjoying each moment along the way?  What do I want to CONSISTENTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY think about, focus on, and re-create?

I think it is important that we all realize and remember we are individuals and no one thing will work exactly the same for everyone.

It has been taught that CONSCIOUSNESS INFORMS ITSELF THROUGH ITS CREATIONS.  I think it is possible that WE are the consciousness that is constantly creating through every thought, word, and action.  If we were all the SAME, as individuals within this human construct, I think it’s possible that the collective consciousness that we all are would never change, be informed, learn, or expand.

Through experience and experimentation, we take action towards living a life of greatness.

Today, I will think about what is best for ME, and how that could contribute to the greater good of the collective whole.  I will accept and embrace my uniqueness and individuality.  I will be proud of it.  I will be grateful for it.  I will appreciate and love myself exactly as I am.  I will love and accept myself just as I am, knowing that I am good enough, just as I am.  I will realize and remember that I belong here and will be unashamed as I continuously do my best at all times.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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