September 3: WE Control Our Baseline Emotions

Each day we wake up, the reset button has been pushed.  WE decide what kind of mindset to have, what kind of mood we are going to be in, and what we want to do for THAT day.  When we awaken, our baseline emotion begins to come into play.  The thoughts we generate which set us up for the rest of the day determine that baseline emotion.  We are in control of our momentum.  A consistent, habitual morning routine is incredibly helpful-ESPECIALLY one that begins the day through the perspective-up leveling filter of GRATITUDE.

Our thoughts create an electrical event which instantly tells the body which chemical cocktail to produce and inject into our blood stream.  Within 2 pumps of the heart, these chemicals and hormones have reached every part of the body, producing a feeling.  The feelings we have create a magnetized, vibrational, energetic frequency which transmits outward, attracting to us all circumstances, situations, people, and things in alignment with how we FEEL, and repelling everything that is NOT in alignment with how we feel.  What and how we habitually think and choose to focus on is entirely within our control and is of the utmost importance in creating manifesting and projecting the EXACT personal reality we want MOST.


We can wait for life to happen TO us, or we can create a life that happens FOR us.

Everything is made up of vibrational energy, including us.  Our repeated thoughts and what we choose to focus on empowers us to vibrate at a certain frequency, or level.  The quality of our thoughts and focus creates the quality of the vibrational frequency at which WE vibrate and operate.  The quality of the vibrational frequency at which we operate, directly correlates to the quality of the speech we use, decisions we make, reactions we allow from ourselves towards others, and every action we choose to allow to continue from others.  The more often we think a certain thought, the higher the probability is that this thought will become a reality.  The more we think on a certain thing and focus on it, the faster it becomes a reality.  We are creators.  It all starts in the mind.

Napoleon Hill’s book, THINK AND GROW RICH, describes this process incredibly well.

Have you ever been around someone who always seems to be bubbly and happy?  Have you ever been around someone who is never happy, always frowning, and always seems to need stress and drama in their lives in order to feel, “normal?”

For years, I believed that I wasn’t in control of anything.  I felt tossed about by life like a small boat out on a stormy sea.  My baseline emotion was one of apprehension, uncertainty, and general unhappiness.  Stress, anxiety, and depression became my natural baseline emotional makeup.  It wasn’t until I realized that implementing a new and improved belief system and a strategy of new habits and patterns that drove me to success in ALL areas of my life, beginning through thought alone, that things really started to change for me.  When things changed for me, they also changed for everyone around me, most importantly at that time in me life for my three sons. 

I am thankful every day I now have so many big reasons in my life to change, grow, evolve, progress, and improve, each and every day, for the rest of this life.

A great morning routine is all about building momentum.  Tony Robbins calls morning routines, “Priming.”  A good morning routine is exactly like PRIMING A PUMP.  Others call it, “Jump Starting.”  No matter what it is called, we are in control of our minds, and once we have decided to raise our standard of living by constantly upgrading and improving our mindset, something magical happens:  Our baseline emotions improve.  So does every other area of our lives, right along with this shift, elevation, and expansion in mindset, beliefs, and perspectives.


Improving MINDSET improves every other area of our lives, and it is NEVER too late to improve mindset.

One way to upgrade mindset and the way we see things was the basis for MY DAILY PERSPECTIVE SHIFT.  I created it for myself, and because it worked so well for me, I issue it as a challenge to EVERYONE.  Simply Google search, MY DAILY PERSPECTIVE SHIFT, and read all about it. .

Carol Dweck’s book, MINDSET, is an another excellent place to get started.  I highly recommend buying and listening to the audio version today.


If you are to do only ONE thing, EVERY DAY, repeating this has proven to be one of the most helpful and useful beliefs to practice:


Today, I will review my morning routine that empowers me and helps me to control my thinking, and make any improvements or upgrades necessary to ensure my baseline emotions, my mindset, and my life are on track for consistent, continuous improvement.  I will remember that by becoming better at things, things will get better for me.  The better things are for me the more value I can add to the lives of those I love.  If I do not already have a morning routine, I will research what has worked for well for others and create an effective morning routine for myself.

I have spent years, combing through thousands of hours of content, listening to podcasts, and reading books, as well as interviewing hundreds of people, some of whom I have had on the YouTube show, The goodinthehead Podcast.

I have experimented with different life experiences of others, and have created an excellent routine that works wonders for me.  If I only do one of these things, I feel as if I have won the day, as I never did ANY of them on a consistent, regular basis until 2014.  Check it out, and try some of these things for yourself!  Give each thing at least a month, and see if it is effective for you, or not.  I can only promise a more beautiful, enjoyable, meaningful, fulfilling, purpose-filled life…

The goodinthehead Habit-Hacking Challenge

Two people who have influenced me a great deal regarding morning routines are Hal Elrod and Ed Mylett.  They, too, had some really great mentors and teachers in their lives helping them, and have experimented all along the way.  Because of it, they now live incredible lives, which we are ALL capable and deserving of.

goodinthehead is also on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  Follow me there, as well, for daily messages, inspiration, motivation, and reminders.  Please pay it forward, and share any message which may empower someone you love or may care about.  It is through adding value to others by sharing and spreading wisdom, that we become more valuable as individuals, and collectively, as a whole, we all become wiser.

Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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