September 2: Asking For Help

As I was growing up, nobody ever taught me that to ask for help was a sign of weakness, inability, and a bad thing to do, yet all that I saw going on around me seemed to point to that teaching as being a fact.  My young, inexperienced mind perceived that asking for help was never something I should do.  I learned from watching those around me NOT to ask for help, but to strive to completely depend on myself and my own strength.

Being independent is a good thing, but I think that never asking for help is unwise.

To stand alone is dangerous.  Have you ever been driving somewhere and noticed a tall, older, weathered tree in the middle of nowhere?  These trees are AMAZING, in that out of all the seeds around it that desired to grow tall and strong, this lone tree was the only one who survived.  These trees are a testament to true strength.  It is amazing this lone tree survived at all!  These trees tend to have no support, help, resources, or proper nutrition from a source of an underground root system and community yet somehow, they adapt and survive through the destructive storms and strong winds.  Their roots have to reach deeper than most trees in order to find the water and nutrition they need to survive.  It is a miracle that they survive at all.

Sometimes, due to lack of proper nutrition, they simply snap in half-seemingly for no reason at all, on a bright, sunny day with no wind or weather; however, we all know the real reason it finally snapped in half.  If it had been a part of a larger network of trees, sharing the support, nutrition, strength, and vitality, the lone tree would have survived for hundreds and maybe even thousands of more years, thriving, instead of merely surviving.


Radhanath Swami, in his interview with Tom Bilyeu, found on Tom’s YouTube show, IMPACT THEORY, told a story of an experience he had with a friend of his in the Redwood Forest, in California.  He described how he and his friend go there once a year to unplug from and temporarily disconnect from the busy, distracting, fast-paced life which we all live, and reground themselves in the beauty of nature, through the practice of forest bathing.  To their disappointment, they happened upon a group of people, who were being given a tour of the forest by a forest ranger.  Quickening their pace, in order to avoid the energy of the crowd, they tried to hurriedly get past the temporary distraction, but Radhanath Swami overheard the ranger mention that he was going to tell the crowd the, “Secret of The Underground Forrest beneath them.”  Having been a teenager in the 1960’s, and having a proclivity towards mischief and secrets, he asked his friend if they could stay for the story.  They were both glad they did.

The forest ranger explained that some of the trees in this particular forest were over 2,000 years old, and had endured some of the most devastating, destructive storms ever to pummel our planet.  He described that in order for them to have enough strength to endure not only the strong winds in the forest, but also the incredibly destructive storms, they had learned throughout the years to rely upon one another, by reaching their roots out as far as they could towards each other, eventually intertwining the roots, deep in the earth, supporting one another and using one another for the support they needed, in order to survive and weather the wind and the storms.  Some trees actually sacrifice and send their own nutrients to trees that are damaged or weak in order for them to heal more quickly!

We, as humans, are just like trees.

The best thing about asking for help, even if we may think we don’t need it, is that is offers others the opportunity to do something for another.  It offers them the opportunity to do something good, creative, enlightening, motivational, inspirational, and soul growth-inducing.  It provides an opportunity for connection and support.  It creates a more beautiful, creative, bright, loving, generous, giving environment for all of those who are involved.  Others may take notice, think it’s cool, and do the same.  The goodness grows.  The light in the world becomes brighter.  The roots extend in our underground forest, and the forest becomes more beautiful.

And really, isn’t that what it is all about?  Abundance, beauty, and progressive, eternal growth await us all.  It is through connecting with others, through helping and supporting others, and allowing them to also help and support us, that this happens more efficiently.

As Simon Sinek teaches, TOGETHER IS BETTER.

Are you as the lone tree, or are you a part of a forest?  Which would you rather be a part of?  ANYTHING is a learn-able, practicable skill, including healthy socialization, support, and connecting with others.  The choice is ours.

Today I will ask for help with something, giving someone the opportunity to do something for me.  If I can I will return the favor, or seek out ways that I can be of service to another.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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