September 1: Improving Mindset

What is the importance of improving one’s mindset?  Why would anyone even want to focus on that?

I’ve learned that when we improve this one thing in our lives, everything else also improves!

Would you like to be just a little more kind, loving, patient, or spiritual?  Do you want more money to spend, enjoy, and give away?  How about your interpersonal/communication skills?  Would you like to enjoy deep, meaningful discussions and connect with others easily and frequently?  Do you want to interact with others in a more loving way?  Do you want to more easily control your emotions?  Do you want to be even smarter, and quickly and easily make better decisions in your life so that you can enjoy better outcomes?  How about your body?  Would you like to improve physically, be more fit, healthy, and feel even more beautiful?

I have learned that if we get this one thing right, everything else improves exponentially.  Mindset matters.  As soon as we improve our mindset, everything else in our lives will improve right along with it.  Everything will fall into place easily, effortlessly, and the way it needs to be for us, in order to live a continuously more progressively meaningful, fulfilling, purpose-filled, rewarding, enlightening, beautiful life.

If we want our lives to get better, we have to get better.

What are ways we can improve our mindset?  The YouTube show, IMPACT THEORY, has BY FAR been the biggest help and the most effective tool I have ever come across, so far, for improving my own mindset.  What I have learned from this show, and every one of the guests, has empowered me with tools, knowledge, wisdom, information, and experiences which have empowered me, and transformed me from a victim of life to a VICTOR.

Here are just a few of the most helpful and empowering mindset tools I have learned from some of the guests on this show:

Gratitude.  Practice it daily.  Start practicing gratitude first thing in the morning, by simply implementing the habit of making a mental list of EVERYTHING you, personally, have to be grateful for, and watch the miracles in your life unfold and progressively expand.

Content.  Input = Output.  What we allow into our brains and what we choose to focus on and think about consistently will become the words we speak, the actions we take throughout the day, and eventually the habits and routines that form our lives.  I found it helpful to save inspirational quotes I love and read them throughout the day.  We design the outcomes in our lives with what we choose to think about and focus on REPEATEDLY.

Breathing.  Breathing exercises throughout the day will help with presence, mindfulness, and mental clarity.  BOX BREATHING has proven to be my favorite and most useful technique I have learned, so far.  The Navy Seals use it.  If it is good enough for THEM to use on a regular basis, it is worth checking into.

Here is a 3-minute video about breathing, that I really love:

Meditation:  There are MANY different forms of meditation.  Watching the interview on the YouTube show, IMPACT THEORY, featuring Emily Fletcher, and also the interview featuring Mark Divine, convinced me to try it out.  I will never stop the practice of meditation, especially since Emily’s Method only takes 15 minutes, and is explained incredibly well in her book, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE.  The audio version is something I have listened to many times-that is how informative and enjoyable it is.  Box Breathing can easily be practiced anywhere, at any time, and is useful during meditation.

REPETITION:  According to DECADES of research by Dr. Bruce Lipton, repetition of ANYTHING reprograms the subconscious mind.  He teaches that 95% of our lives-what we think, say, and do-ALL COMES FROM THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND IS AUTOMATIC, just like a computer running a program it can not depart from.  Just before we drift off to sleep and right as we are waking up, we are in Theta mode, and our brains are HIGHLY susceptible to being reprogrammed at the subconscious level.  What ever we repeat-especially during these times-becomes our new programming and eventually dictates the results and quality of our lives.

MORNING ROUTINE:  A highly effective morning routine empowers us and strengthens us, allowing us to progressively become skilled, smarter, more consistent, and more relentless and determined in whatever we choose as a morning routine.  As Hal Elrod teaches:


These things are simple and easy to do.  ANYONE can do these things daily with very little effort.  If we make them a part of our habits and our own personal daily routine, our mindsets will improve.  Every part of our lives will improve right along with our mindsets.  Try these things for just one week and at the end of the week, ask yourself what differences these things made.  Imagine what your personal results would be if you were to practice these things daily, for a LIFETIME!

Imagine a life of frustration, depression, unhappiness, difficulties, and challenges without knowing any tools, tips, or tricks, to easily maneuver through it all.

Now imagine a life with simple, easy, daily rituals and routines which eventually result it deep social and spiritual connections, financial abundance, and excellent health.  Imagine a life in which you are able to react to any situation in a calm, self-controlled manner, being able to turn any discussion or situation to your benefit and to the benefit of those around you.  Imagine a life in which everything seems to easily and effortlessly fall into place, and success in all areas of your life is commonplace.

Something I listen to daily, as soon as I wake up, that has over time empowered me with less reactivity and more self control.  It is a video on YouTube called, THE POWER OF NOT REACTING, by Dr. Levry.

An exercise that improves mindset is the Belief Mindfulness Exercise.

Being self-aware is the first step in becoming MORE of self.  It is the first step in becoming a better version of ourselves, more able to add value to our lives and the lives of others.

Reminder to self:  There are so many tools out there to improve our mindsets!  Research the topic often, and find some ways to improve your mindset that are attractive to you.  Start each day with a morning routine consisting of gratitude, empowering content, breathing, meditation of some kind, AND REPEAT IT DAILY, and everything else will fall into place.

Today I will add practicing gratitude, being mindful of the content I allow into my mind and focus on, breathing exercises, and meditation, to my daily routine for at least one week, as an experiment.  At the end of the one week, I will pay attention to how it has made me feel and decide if it is something that will be beneficial to continue doing.  RESULTS DON’T LIE.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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