June 14: Rest,Relaxation, Recovery, and Recuperation

Sometimes we just need a break.  Sometimes we need to rest and recharge our batteries.

Serious body builders know the importance of rest.  Without the proper amount of rest, as a part of their extremely difficult training regimen, they will never accomplish their gains or their goals.  Instead, they will continuously break down their bodies and never experience the gains and growth necessary to consistently get stronger, bigger, better, and more competitive in their field.  It is the same with our minds, our hearts, our souls, and our bodies.

Constant tension on a bow from keeping the string attached to both ends at all times will break or weaken the bow.  I love this story:   “A certain prophet was sitting under the shade of a tree amusing himself in some way, when a hunter came along with his bow and arrow, and reproved him. The prophet asked him if he kept his bow strung up all the time. The hunter answered that he did not. The prophet asked why, and he said it would lose its elasticity if he did. The prophet said it was just so with his mind, he did not want it strung up all the time.”

In life, it is the same.  What we are trying to accomplish will never happen at the optimal level we wish it to without the proper rest.  We actually become more productive with the proper quality and amount of rest.  Getting a consistent amount of rest every night will even out our brain chemistry, stabilize ourcircadian rhythm, heal us, recharge our batteries, and empower us to get up the next day ready to go.  Sometimes, however, we become mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted.  It is important, especially at times like these, to listen to our minds and bodies, and allow them the recovery time and the down time that is necessary for healing to take place.

It is during the times of recovery and recuperation that healing takes place, and healing is the tool we use to grow, to become better, and to render ourselves more capable.

Growth of any kind doesn’t take place during the period of doing, but while NOT doing, during the period of taking the time to allow ourselves to heal.

I LOVE what is taught in the YouTube interview on Impact Theory, featuring Shawn Stevenson about the importance of sleep, called SLEEP SMARTER.

It is okay to take some time off from the regular routine and stray away from our normal, habitual, consistent schedule!  Many times it helps us get the extra rest we need, and have the time to heal completely.  Rigidity can be an awful taskmaster.

Resting and healing will help us to realize the importance of our strict adherence to the routine and schedule we follow every day because it helps us to accomplish so much more.  Temporarily taking a break from a rigorous, habitual, rigid, daily routine, will actually afford us the opportunity to zoom out and see the bigger picture, and realize the growth that has taken place, inspiring and empowering us to re-double our efforts and stick to our plans in order to accomplish our goals.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but all play and no work makes Jack an ineffective, dependent human being, incapable of providing for himself, much less his loved ones.  The idea is to find OUR individual, perfect balance between work and exhaustion, and resting for growth and healing.  No two of us are exactly alike, and what works for one, may not necessarily work for another.  We can experiment with new habits and routines, finding variety and variances that will work better and better for our self, over time.

I have realized the important and usefulness of experimenting with EVERYTHING, and repeating  what works.

We can choose to remember to not make this restful routine too long.  When I take a break from the gym and exercise because my immune system is down or I am sick, I usually only break for a few days to a week at most.  Interestingly, when I come back after taking a whole week off, I’m stronger, and my endurance levels have grown.  Mentally, I am better off as well, having taken the week-long break.  There is a definite mind-body connection!

Today’s challenge for myself:  Today I will remember that taking a break and getting the rest and relaxation I need may be a huge benefactor in healing that will lead to further success in the attainment of my goals.  I will remember that it is through rest and healing that I will be more effective.  I will take a break when I really need one, and not beat myself up about it; instead, I’ll be kind to myself, repeat the belief I AM ENOUGH, and remember that my best will ALWAYS be good enough.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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