June 24: Beware Distractions

We will never ESCAPE our way to a fulfilling, joyful, happy, successful life.

There are so many distractions today!  Television, radio, cell phones, apps, Facebook, Pintrest, YouTube, drugs, alcohol, sex, food, pornography, drama, habitual emotions, self-induced habituated stress and drama, progress, success, and so many other things can become our focus and distract us.  Sometimes we have built up a wall of distractions to protect us from the pain we don’t want to deal with, or feelings of inadequacy.  In so doing, we have less time to learn coping skills.  We have less time to acquire the tools, tips, tricks, practices, and the methods we truly need, in order to alleviate the suffering from our lives and turn ALL of our time, energy, and attention towards what we TRULY DO WANT.  Many times, that wall of distractions becomes the largest obstacle to our healing.  Break down the wall.

This is such great advice from Marisa Peer:  Go deep within and search for that which causes the most suffering.  Confront it regularly.  Feel the feelings that need to be felt, until they don’t need to be felt anymore.  Don’t hold it in and let it build up anymore, until it explodes and hurts everyone around you.  “The feelings that aren’t able to express themselves in the form of tears will cause the other organs in the body to weep.”  Holding in and repressing emotions is unhealthy and causes illness.

The best advice I ever heard about problems, challenges, and pain was from Tony Robbins:  “Kill the monster when it is a baby.”  Sometimes we welcome distractions into our lives or even CREATE distractions on a regular basis in order to NOT have to deal with the problems, challenges, and the emotional pains of life.  Sooner or later those problems, challenges, and all that suffering will grow from a baby monster that is easy to kill, into a huge, unmanageable, vicious, destructive beast that will threaten to destroy us in every way, and cause harm to everyone we love. 

We can learn to put the distractions on hold and manage our lives as best we can.

Changing, and creating new habits is difficult, but it is possible.  The best information I have come across on how to do this is from Dr, Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Check out Dr Dispenza’s Ted Talk, and ANYTHING you can find about these two doctors on YouTube.  Their work about healing and change is life-altering and more empowering than most things I have come across after thousands of hours of research on these two topics.

There will always be others who are willing to help us out of the rut, sink hole, or muddy muck and mire that we are stuck in.  Looking for, seeking out, and finding others who have already experienced what we are going through, and who learned to successfully navigate their ways through it all, can be an enormous help, if we choose to let it be.  There are many support groups that can be an INCREDIBLE healing tool.  I have learned that TOGETHER IS BETTER.  Being part of a community that understands what we are going through is AMAZING.  Feeling UNDERSTOOD is incredible.  Being seen and heard by individuals who hold no judgement is freeing.  Knowing we are not the only one going through difficult situations is useful. 

We can choose others as personal mentors in our lives to help us with own our healing and personal growth.  Many times, we can do this without them ever knowing or even meeting them because of the gift of the internet.  Through books, YouTube videos, websites, and following them on social media, and choosing to allow their experience and wisdom positively infect our minds through repetition, can work miracles within us.  Robin Sharma teaches, TO READ A BOOK IS TO MEDITATE WITH THE AUTHOR.  I have found this to be true for me.

What are some of your own personal distractions?  I know I have many that I have to intentionally work on working through every day in order to keep re-focusing on the things that are important to me.  What important things in your life are you unable to spend adequate time on because of your distractions?

Because energy flows where our time and attention goes, it is useful to remember to intentionally focus on the important things instead of the distractions.  Once we have practiced doing this long enough and it has become a habit, life will become easier, more deeply fulfilling, and more meaningful.  Everything will seem to magically fall into its proper place or out of our lives completely, as it should.

One more thing I have found it important to remember is that social media, the entertainment industry, Big Pharma, and advertising agencies have spent TRILLIONS of dollars figuring out the most effective ways to distract us, reprogram our subconscious minds with what serves THEM, and controlling the majority of our time and attention serving THEIR purposes.  We can continue to allow it, or we can get to work on creating ONLY what we want to experience more of in our personal lives.

Today I will think about what distracts me from the important things I want to accomplish.  I will be aware of when and why I let myself become distracted.  I will re-commit to accomplishing what is important to me.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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