In the movie, The Butterfly Circus”, which is a short, powerful movie on YouTube, there is the quote:  “The greater the struggle, the more magnificent the triumph.”  It is so true.

It is through the experience of extreme contrasts that we learn what we DO and DO NOT want.

We can choose to love and be grateful for all that we perceive to have hurt us in life because of what it inspires us to do about it, and what it inspires us to make of ourselves because of it.

Why is it the more we sacrifice, give, suffer, and struggle for something, the more valuable it is to us?  When a mother gives birth to a baby it is excruciatingly painful!  Skin rips and bleeds.  Contractions cause pain beyond what the human body is supposed to be able to bear.  All of this after nine months of what can sometimes be considered constant suffering, morning sickness, and a sort of chemical warfare waged against the woman’s body and brain.  She should hate that baby!  For some reason, however, there is a beautiful bond that is created.  A love is born.  Promises and commitments are made and kept for the rest of that parents life!

The more we suffer and sacrifice for something, the more meaningful and valuable that thing becomes to us.  The greater the struggle, the more magnificent the triumph.

Would you like to overcome hopelessness?  Learn how to do it from someone who has even more of a reason to feel hopeless than you do, but somehow has overcome hopelessness and now lives an incredible, beautiful, purpose-filled, meaningful life of service and happiness.  Look up the TEDx talk, “Overcoming Hoplessness, ” featuring Nick Vujicic.

The true beauty of life is this:  We are capable of doing or becoming anything we truly want to, as long as we are committed to the decision, and willing to suffer in order to learn, practice, and repeat what is necessary to make it happen.

The Universe was designed from the beginning to conspire on our behalf.  All that is happening to us is actually happening FOR us.

Today I will remember:  “The greater the struggle, the more magnificent the triumph.”  I know that no matter what I am going through, I will grow from it and eventually all the sacrifices and all the struggles will be for my benefit.  What I am going through and growing through now will make me more valuable to myself and those around me.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

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