In YOUR opinion, what are good, helpful strategies to heal our minds?

Billy Scott There are some great suggestions in this post so far! Ok, let’s get tactical with this answer. I’m going to gloss over the physical things you can do and then get into the mental toolkit.

* High fat, low simple sugars
* avacado, blueberries, almonds, spinach, kale, fish (line caught if possible to lower mercury), grass fed beef, broccoli
Supplements – please check with your doctor before taking supplements
* Co-Q10
* magnesium
* macha
* Greens mix
Working out
* Fasted workout when you wake up for at least 15 min
* Yoga
* Get into routine to bed at same time every night
* develop a pre sleep routine
* stop all use of screens without nightshift or f.lux or blueblocker glasses 2 hrs before bed
* grounding – go put your feet on the ground meaning dirt or grass for 5-10 min before your bedtime routine
* keep room cool or use chilling pad
* make sure your room is pitch black
* Try to get at least 30 min a day (shirt off is best)

* Start by forgiving yourself then others
* write down all the things you forgive yourself and others for rip those pages out and burn them
* look at yourself in the mirror naked, and forgive yourself and others until nothing else comes to mind. Repeat every day until you’ve got nothing to forgive for
* Write down 3 things you’re grateful for morning and night. The reread and really try to intensify the gratitude feeling
* 1 person from your family or network
* 1 thing about yourself
* 1 small seemingly insignificant thing but it’s really cool we have it, like running water, AC, don’t have to worry about famine, whatever
Self Awareness exercise
* Free write all the things that come to your head in 1 min
* core values
* strengths
* weaknesses
* achievements
* regrets
* beliefs about how the world works
* narrow these down to get a fairly complete view of you
Reframing negative experiences
* Take the power away from past or present experiences
* ask yourself this series of questions
* what are the facts of the experience in plain words?
* What did I learn from this?
* How could this be working for me? Really try to find answers to this. Even as ridiculous as the car accident is working in your favor because 2 people broke into your house and wouldve killed you if the accident didn’t happen
Releasing negative anchors
* Forgiveness excercise from earlier
* Take a negative memory and walk yourself through it while listening to your fav song
* next time make it in black n white
* this time try to see it from 3rd person perspective like you’re watching yourself in a movie
* now make that black n white and move it way away as it gets smaller you feel less emotional about it
* if all that doesn’t work bring it back close enough that you can grab both sides of the screen and then grab it and toss it over your head so it lands behind you
* Daily write down anything you’re afraid of or hesitating about
* consultative journaling where you act like you’re interviewing yourself asking logical questions to get to deeper answers
* daily self awareness – I ask myself a question about me every morning and write the answer. Then the next day I read from the start and ask another question
* problem log – (thank you Jay Samit) write down 3 problems that you notice every day. Don’t repeat any. Those solutions could be businesses
daily/weekly/long term goal setting or outcome setting:
* There’s a lot of ways to do this choose your favorite but have a target as clear as possible
* I use an app called think up, it allows you to record affirmations in your own voice and play them back to yourself. More powerful in your voice
* you can just write them down and read over them at multiple times a day
* set times triggers to remind you to read them especially effective right before sleep

I could keep going into breathwork, cognitive behavioral therapy, self hypnosis, NLP, different types of meditations but you have a lot of each of those. Too many to write out right now. But feel free to ask if you have any questions. I think this is a pretty solid base for anyone to start out with. Happy healing.


You’re going on a journey of self discovery for awhile with all of this amazing advice.
Remember at times it will be brutally hard, you might have things well up from your past that you never wanted to think about again, do it anyways.
The journey is the way, live in each moment intently, don’t deviate from the course you set for yourself, don’t stop once you’ve started. 

Reflecting and reinforcing that you are worthy of success and abundance and my mantra lately…being intentional.

Baby steps are your friend, start slow build progress.

Every time you take a negative routine out of your life add a positive routine to replace it.

This journey is much more effective if you remove all of the useless noise from your life. TV, social media or internet for a month or two, analyze your friendships make sure they’re worth having, get rid of the entertaining apps on your phone.

Less distraction, right now you’re the most important thing in your life so figure that shit out in peace and away from the world for awhile.

Much love on your journey. ❤️

Get enough sleep

Practice gratitude everyday you wake up

I’m trying out subliminals

I focus a lot on keeping things in perspective. I look at the big picture. I tell myself that a bad day is not a bad life. I try and switch out a negative thought with a positive thought. If I stub my toe and freak out, I switch it and am grateful I even have feet that have the ability to feel pain. I look at everything like that. My worst day ever might be a day other’s would die to have. Gratitude and seeing outside of yourself, I believe are the two most important factors for shifting your mindset.

Seeing that all is transitory so letting go continually. Constant clearing and continuous change until nothing else but light exists.

When I’m happy, see eternity in it. When I’m hurting, see eternity in it. Go through experiences but not getting stuck in them. Yet not withdrawing, but being present in all of it.

Change the way you look at things
And the things you look at will Change.

Transformation is a mind/body change. It starts in the mind (thoughts) and ends with the body (actions)

Aside from the practical/underestimated advice of sleep, diet, meditation and exercise…
Learning to ask yourself why and looking for an answer is quite powerful. I really encourage writing it down as well.
Having conversation with oneself on paper is great for this as it freezes your thoughts allowing to see where you are now in the discussion and where you came from. Revisiting old writing to see if how you feel has changed is a great bonus.
Reading is also great because it gives you perspective from other people who have gone through similar things although I enjoy talking to an actual person if possible

Determine your personal values, beliefs, and standards, then hold yourself accountable. Practice living in your own circle of accountability, regardless of outside influence or circumstance.

In short, psychedelics.
It’s the best and fastest way to get out of your head to broaden your mind.

Yes do all the things listed above, but also look into the medicine of psychedelics.
It’s extremely difficult to heal a mind with just thinking, that created it’s blueprint of the world through mind expanding experiences. Wounds take place when the brain cannot fully comprehend a distressing experience and places a meaning upon it that isn’t constructive as we are to innocent to do so.
Just thinking through our best guesses at what our pain actually is and how to think our way out of it takes years to decades, but can be done with responsible use of MDMA and psilocybin mushrooms in a couple 6 hour sessions.

Yoga and hiking

Mindset exercises, declarations, forgiving others that have wronged us and letting it go, surrounding ourselves with people and things that uplift us, and having a heart of gratitude.

Give meaning to your life. Take congruent action.  

“This is everything I know”

All about figuring out what the meaning of your life, and how to take congruent action.

All right good helpful strategies to heal than mine what I’ve learned and see you could mention a ton so I just keep it to one which is getting away from the indoors because I don’t think it was this much of a problem when we were younger both younger in age and younger generation because we literally have less ideas as we get older and the generations get older we get more intelligent smart or we have more ideas and I think there is a psychology and emotional psychology to an indoor environment that is in closing and the more quantitative we get with our ideas the more we need to be an open spaces to fully flush them out and that’s just expression which is a natural healing elements that are mine so true on that 🙂
Plan 10%
Action 10%
Accountability 80%
Join a mastermind. The Tribe creates the Vibe.
Asking right questions to yourself before and after doing something is enough to shift the direction of the mind and so healing starts automatically.
Quite, purposely taking time to quieter the mind so you can refocus and align yourself to where you want to be.
I believe healing the mind starts with the body – note that I’m a kinesthetic learner. I train my body to behave the way I want my mind to think and feel first and then they reciprocate each other in the healing process.  Pete Jones Interesting idea. Never heard of this. What exactly do you do? How do you train your body to affect the mind?    Exercise and other physical endeavors (like juggling) I imagine.. would like to hear more of this as well 😊 For example, when I was a freshman in high school I was really unconfident and it reflected in my body language. To change my unconfident mindset, I focused on changing my body language instead of forcing my mind to not think about negative self-talk.
Generally, unconfident people have their shoulders curled forward, hunched back, head looking down and retracted, walk a little slower, etc. I focused on reversing all of these; roll back my shoulders, straighten my back, head looking forward and a relaxed neck, walk at a normal pace. etc. Ultimately, this process changed my mindset into a more confident one.  Brandon Le At this moment in time, I combine both positive self talk and physical change to change my mindset. Personally, I believe there is a limit or a cap on how far someone can go when they only focus on one aspect of improvement. Our mind and body is connected and thus it should be treated as such.
I believe healing the mind starts not only from taking care of our bodies from the inside, but it also starts cleaning our surroundings on the outside. Our association is something we need to stay constantly aware of. They can help us or hinder us. Bad association spoil useful habits.


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I feel like forgiving yourself for your past and forgiving the people who’ve ‘done you wrong’ opens up sooo much space for you to really engage in the healing process
Reflection through scribing. Ask yourself questions and answer them honestly. At first it will feel fake, awkward, and annoying. But you will experience a breakthrough moment that will unleash your emotions and help you to heal.

Noticing negative thoughts, and consciously changing or observing the lessons.

The mind is under two conditions that need to be addressed: 1. The overall momentum of thoughts and 2. The attachments, identities, beliefs and ideas held within thoughts

.For the first, meditation will allow the momentum of thoughts to slow down, this key to relieve the mind from over-use, strain and stress
.It also helps one to connect more closely to their body/emotions/intuition

.For the second, a person must realize that every worry, anxiety or neurosis is due to the idea or belief that one is somehow always lacking something in life and therefore happiness is measured by the “results” of what happens instead of just seeing life as it is without some hope, desire or expectation clouding the present moment

.This requires de-conditioning from the ego identity
.From birth, society/parents/authority figures have planted the ideas in our head that our life should be taking a certain course of accomplishment and meaning
.This causes daily worry about one’s place life and then the past and future is over-dwelled upon
.People need the time to undue all those ideas about one’s ego and simply live from blank slate mind where one’s inherent passions and talents can be realized and acted upon naturally

Self awareness self responsibility knowing your triggers keeping the blame for your problems and issues where it belongs and healthy ways to cope with and process emotions.  Pete Jones What are tools you use to cope with and process emotions?  Mindfulness self love self comfort self expression compassion assertiveness healthy knowledge of rights responsibilities and boundaries and other tools I’m still exploring and expanding on.

Besides the other advice, Try to practice looking at the world as the inner child within. Be curious, present, compassionate and understanding.
In practicing mindfulness, we are recognizing patterns and belief systems that leave us repeating old habits and addictions- so recognize them, analyze them, and release that energy. It’s okay to just address them as they arise.

Act upon the values you hold dearest in your heart.

Lyons Abraham hicks on you tube.

Vitamins forgiveness not holding on things mediation music healthy diet exercise and surrounding yourself around positive things.

Positive affirmations have helped me so much in life!! So has meditation and continuously learning. Although social media has introduced me to a lot of great people and information, I’ve realized that the information doesn’t sink in as much because I’m scrolling through so many other posts, it becomes information overload. Taking time to read an actual book, especially on the topic of self help and spiritual growth, even if it’s just randomly opening to one page, has been very effective for me in staying positive and motivated. 💖I should add “unplugging” from social media from time to time is really helpful too 😉

Daily practice.

Meditation. Reading selected books. Exercise/dance to move energy blockages throughout body and stimulate nice brain chemistry.

Self awareness, forgiving ourselves, dealing with trauma and the emotional ties to negative memories, self love and affirmations.  Pete Jones: What ways have you found most helpful to deal with emotional ties to negative memories?   I use visualization techniques where I close my eyes and imagine holding the hand of the person I was at that age and walk myself through the event and basically allow myself to grieve and accept what happened. I remind my younger self that it is no longer happening and that to move forward I must accept it and let go of the emotional attachment to it.

I’m with Natasha Zara Zizilia Meditation, Books, exercise (bush walking for me) healthy diet. I was told over and over again “Affirmations” but when living with depression I wasn’t in a mental state to believe they could work – then I found “Florence Schovel Shinn – The Game of Life”. Hers are so powerful you don’t need to believe that they work, they just do. I also found collecting positive inspirational verse, listening to music with positive / uplifting lyrics, surrounding yourself only with positive people and letting go of the ones who are not. Also, positive and spiritually uplifting/inspiring movies etc. Definitely agree with Wendi Kehn in part also, getting to know yourself and facing your fears, traumas, bad experiences. Tears are a healthy release.

A Course in Miracles.  Pete Jones: Sounds interesting. Looked at the website. How long have you been following this and what has it done for you?   My response to another post sums it up…… It helps to realize that you are experiencing a dream of separation from Oneness, and that everything you seem to see and all that is considered “other” doesn’t exist. You are doing it to yourself. Every attack on your well-being is coming from YOURSELF, even though is seems to be coming from others. There are no “others.” So, relax. Forgive all that is not Love or some form of Love. Work toward Awakening. If you see a beautiful, expensive car that you desire, tell yourself that it is already yours and that all good things are yours. You are just playing a game of separation. The car is just a symbol of your loss of Oneness..

Accountability. Take accountability for your actions and hold people accountable for theirs. Past, present, future. Do not let it consume you, but heal from it.

What Mooji has shown me is this,,
I have a self that is quite free of any 3D stuff,,
And then I have a lot of Stuff that I have told myself is me,,
And I really got to see that was not me,
When He asked me to leave that stuff outside the door with my shoes,,
I did not even know how I would do that,,,
But I realized after that is just what happened,,
Mooji the Invitation

Truth, heavy reprogramming…and an immense amount of self awareness.  Pete Jones :What do you mean by heavy reprogramming. How do you do it, personally?  I felt like I wanted to give you my answer for this heavy reprogramming…
It takes alot of within yourself and deciding what works for you.
For me, I had to take a complete retreat from everyone and just study and focus on the things which makes me tick as my own person.
For example, growing up I was never given credit when I would make ANY decision. If what I did turned our to be a positive thing then my mom or my sister would pipe up and claim credit for my choices and actions by stating they suggested I do that or try it this way.
It wasn’t until I made one choice which no one wanted to take credit for which I did and continued to do just t0 take ownership of my own self.
Since choosing this one thing, I’ve managed to be able to analyse what is considered right or wrong for me as my own person…ive chosen my own set of morals and values and I now live them to the core.
I get uneasy feelings anytime I’m choosing to go against my authentic true self which I’ve created…so it makes it easy to live authentically now….but let me tell you..i had to analyse my thoughts with how they corresponded with my feelings and emotions..i had to find what worked for me and re-train my brain to think about things from my own point of view and not worrying what others would have to say about things or me for that matter.

Reprogramming is deeply and honestly taking stock of what is going on in your mind…a lot of self inquiry…finding the roots to your thoughts and the source of your beliefs.. repetition…and being constantly aware of the dialect going on in your mind…to name a few way I do.

Ali Charlton Meditation 🧘‍♀️……really

Reprogramming, which you do it 21 at the time you have to deprogrammed first a part the trauma is quiet ease there are new tecnic offer from quantum physics and quantum meccanic , and there ancient method like ayawaska , very powerful of all Iboga ,
I called the short cut.  Pete Jones: What are those things? Short cuts are great when we realize we don’t have as much time as we would like…Salva Rassu Ajawaska and Iboga , Pete, you do it in ceremony with shamans must be in your country also to know more about it you van be part of the group on face book about ajawaska and Iboga they are good to read of trauma and the programming , conditioning from your parent society ,schools ,and media,
With ajawaska you need a few sections , with Iboga one its inaugh
They are plants Ajawaska come from amazon forest Iboga come from cabon Africa
If you are interesting I can tell you more about it , we have subconscious belive that come from our parents or ancestor ,in our blood line which they are not correct in this way you rid of them
The plants they reprogram you they act on your soul your consciousness.   They take you to the real you that part of you which it’s not identity with your thinking , your programming, your conditioning from when you did born.

Thank God for all your blessings. This appreciating will focus your mind on all the good in your life. Do the thanking for 20 minutes. Get serious. A one minute thank you is not serious. It is perfunctory. Realize how blessed you are. Great life is ahead. Watch Joel Osteen on TV. He is always positive and uplifting.  Pete Jones AGREED. I do this in the shower each morning first thing and it has changed my mindset and my life. I now see the good in all things first, instead of the other way around, after just a year of making this a habit.

1)never get attached to anything even self… 2)never expect result/ favor …3) never hurt any one for his school of thought 4) be happy and make others happy luck sk.

Dealing with unaddressed emotional issues releases blocked energies & connects our thoughts with our feeling World 🌎and cures most depressions… which is mostly suppressed emotions and 100% improves ones attitude towards life themselves and others around them creating a more balanced harmonious and vibrant personality… ☺️ 💕…http//

I’m not sure if this will work for everyone, my shamanism puts me in a position where I need to be grey. I am neither light or dark yet I am both light and dark.

I basically had to come to grips with my dark side and I had to accept it with my light side, now they coexist in harmony. Sure I have bad thoughts but I don’t give the thoughts power, I only acknowledge it. I just try to say positive even when it seems like the whole world is against me.

Staying humble, others opinions don’t define who you are. Works for me!

Find things to focus on other than what makes you unhappy. Simpler said than done. Laughter helps. Especially at yourself, then you have the right to laugh at others.

Good friends getting good positive therapy and self believe and self developed though learning curves.

Practice these sounds every day . To align the chakras and balance yourself.Manage
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Listen to any of Alan Watts’ speeches. Read “Conversations with God- book 1” by Neal Donald Walsch. Heal your mind by being reminded Who You really Are.
Ronald Alan Rhodes That is a very broad statement but yes in many ways the mind is very much needed to be healthy to heal all other aspects of our lives . Are you referring to the brain and the heart or the body as a whole because all parts of being have an awareness and big part to play in the spiritual health of everyone. From my own experience I have learned that body memory can keep us sicker than just about any other memory.Healing the mind is an all encompassing job you can’t do it all in the brain or in the heart or even just the body, all must work together as one the way it was intended to.
Let shit go.




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