May 29: Happiness

“If we are unhappy without a relationship, we’ll probably be unhappy with one as well.  A relationship doesn’t begin our life; a relationship doesn’t become our life.  A relationship is a continuation of life.”  -Beyond Codependency

One thing I have noticed is that the quality of the relationship I have with MYSELF dictates the level of happiness I enjoy, and absolutely correlates to the quality of the relationships I am capable of enjoying with OTHERS.  SELF IMAGE MATTERS.

If we are unhappy without money, what makes us think we will be happy with money?  There are so many stories of people earning or winning millions of dollars, spending it all, or making EVEN MORE, and still feeling unfulfilled and unhappy after they thought that all that money would solve every one of their problems.  Happiness is a daily choice.  Happiness is a lifelong practice.  HAPPINESS IS A HABIT.

Many people are highly accomplished, successful, educated, and from the outside looking in they seem to have a perfect life-a life most of us would do anything do have.  Many of these people are unhappy, regardless of accomplishments, successes, and educational backgrounds.  Have you ever wondered why that is?

WE design our day, and the design we choose determines the quality of how we will feel.
Happiness doesn’t come from things.  It comes from within.  It comes from our innate ability to re-assess our reality every day and learn, change, progress, upgrade, adjust, adapt, and become even more fulfilled.  Happiness unfolds in accordance with the definitions and meanings we attach to EVERYTHING.  Our perspectives render our realities, AND OUR PERSPECTIVES CAN BE UPGRADED AND SHIFT EVERY DAY.

Progress equals happiness.  Practicing gratitude every day helps us to remember and focus on the things we already have in our lives that give us reason to feel happy and fulfilled.  HOW WE FEEL sends out a magnetized, vibrational energy that attracts the circumstances, situations, people, and things, that will perpetuate those same feelings.  It is SO IMPORTANT to FEEL GOOD ALL OF THE TIME, and yes-IT IS POSSIBLE.


WE are the CREATORS and PROJECTORS of our happiness and the quality of everything we experience.

“Happiness doesn’t come from what we get.  Happiness comes from what we become.” -Jim Rohn

Today I will re-assess my current circumstances and feelings.  If I can change something, or experiment and practice with a new habit or belief that I think may empower me to feel even BETTER, I WILL.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our personal realities.

There are a few practices that have helped me over the years to better learn how to appreciate, accept, and love myself more and more fully. THESE practices have resulted in UNCONDITIONAL HAPPINESS, where nothing going on in the outside world can negatively impact or affect my internal environment.

One is SELF-APPRECIATION. I set an alarm for the end of my work day asking, WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY THAT MAKES YOU PROUD AND THAT MAKES YOU APPRECIATE YOURSELF? This habit transformed me from the inside out, making it possible to validate MYSELF, and appreciate MYSELF, rather than seeking for sources of validation and appreciation from OTHERS.

SELF-AWARENESS has also empowered me to learn how to practice loving myself even more. This comes from honestly answering questions, and re-visiting those questions often, upgrading my answers, and therefore upgrading my self-awareness and my ability to love myself.

BOUNDARIES that are HEALTHY AND EMPOWERING ate so incredibly important in creating environments in which happiness can truly thrive. The book, THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO, by Melody Beattie has been a daily habit for me to read from since 2014. I can’t recommend this book enough!

MEDITATION is another practice that I have found to be INCREDIBLY useful. After listening to the audio book, STRESS LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE, by Emily Fletcher, was when I finally began meditating.

GRATITUDE is another daily practice I have used for YEARS, that has physically required the structural anatomy of my neurological connections, and upgraded the chemical and hormonal patterns of my body and brain.

Life is SHORT! Why not learn how to think and do what is necessary to constantly experience upgrades in your personal reality and the level of happiness you enjoy EVERY DAY?!?

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