October 11: It’s EASY!

I listen to everything I can, almost every day, about what Jim Rohn has to say.  He is one of the mentors I have chosen to follow, research, and understand.  I love what he has to say, and I truly enjoy learning more and more about the life of value and contribution that he lived.

One of my favorite parts of his lectures was about how EASY it is to become WEALTHY, not just rich.  He really puts it into perspective.

Each day, and in many different ways, we can choose to learn more ways about how to positively impact our life experience, and contribute to others.  We can then share this helpful information, and all of these tools, tips, tricks, and useful methods, to provide others the opportunity to contribute to a higher level of living, and experiencing a more optimized lifestyle for self and others.  By doing so, we can ALL enjoy the deep fulfillment that comes from contribution.  It quickly and EASILY becomes a habitual, enjoyable, extremely useful, self-perpetuating cycle.  The more we practice contributing, the easier it becomes, and traction is gained as we build momentum.

I once heard this in an interview I watched that featured Lisa Nichols: “Hurt people tend to hurt other people.”  I have found that HEALED people HEAL PEOPLE.  The more we learn about up-leveling and upgrading the “SELF,” the more capable we are of empowering others to do the same.

We must stand guard at the door of our minds!  WE are in control of what we allow inside.  We can easily choose to work hard to keep our minds in check, and to keep things in perspective.  EVERYTHING is exactly what we think it is!  Our minds make it so.  Think, remember, believe, and know, that life is EASY, and it WILL be.  As we repeat beliefs such as this, our subconscious mind RACES to seek out all things to prove it true.

A USEFUL belief is this:  Everything is EXACTLY as we think it is.  If we think life is EASY, then it is EASY.  If we think something is GOOD, then it is GOOD.  WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT, and things are what we think they are.  Each of us as individuals create our own truth and personal reality, AND THEN PROJECT THAT into the virtual matrix in which we reside.


That which we believe to be true, is OUR truth.  We can literally change our truth, anytime we CHOOSE to.  If a belief is helpful and useful in optimization of lifestyle and creating an existence of happiness, love, peace, and joy, it’s a KEEPER!!  If a belief we have is destroying our confidence, peace, happiness, or wealth, it may be time to re-evaluate, reframe, reconstruct, or re-create that belief, or simply let it go entirely.

Check out some of the embarrassing, disempowering, harmful, destructive, hurtful, and useless beliefs I eventually chose to recreate, in an effort to enjoy a MUCH better life by typing this into the Google search engine: The goodinthehead Beliefs Project

The goodinthehead Beliefs Project

Today I will remember that my life is exactly what I think it is.  IT’S EASY!

goodinthehead is also on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  Follow me there, as well, for daily messages, inspiration, motivation, and reminders.  Please pay it forward, and share this, and ANY message, which may empower someone you love or may care about.  It is through adding value to others by sharing and spreading wisdom, that we become more valuable as individuals, and collectively, as a whole, we all become wiser.  

Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is what EXPANDS in our lives.  WE CREATE our realities.

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