December 28, 2019

A few weeks ago, I was offered an INCREDIBLE opportunity!  I was offered an all-expense, paid trip, to Costa Rica for a week-long Ayahuasca retreat.  For any of you who do not yet know what Ayahuasca is, I highly recommend watching the documentary, THE REALITY OF TRUTH.  I can promise you that it will absolutely be time well-spent.

I was incredibly excited about such an amazing offer.  I know of many individuals who have been on at least one Ayahuasca journey, and some who have been on many more.  Every experience these individuals have shared with me have been enlightening, filled with hope, and offered a true healing experience, available to anyone who is ready and willing for a journey of their own.

I told the other person I was DEFINITELY interested in the opportunity, and completely blown away by the generosity of such a gift, but that I would need to think about it.  I am planning on an Ayahuasca journey of my own, and I knew this was an incredible opportunity.  The last words of the person on the other end of the line were, “It will be an INCREDIBLE healing opportunity.”  This person has known me for years, and has seen my personal struggles and difficulties in life, as I sought out healing.


Immediately after hanging up the phone, I looked at my wife and told her about the incredible offer.  I then told my wife, “I no longer need to be healed.  I am healed, already.”  We both teared up, and she expressed that those were her favorite words she has ever heard me utter.  It took this incredible offer, this simple phone call, for me to realize my own, unique, personal reality of MY truth: I AM HEALED.  I simply hadn’t realized it, yet.  I was so busy doing the work to become healed, that I didn’t realize that it had already happened.

Einstein once said that, “COMPOUNDING INTEREST IS THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD.”  I don’t think he was just talking about money.

I wanted to take the opportunity, after this incredible realization, to share with you my own, personal, unique, healing journey, and what I did to heal.  Up until the year 2014, I was suicidal.  In fact, I had unsuccessfully attempted to take my life many times in the years leading up to that time.  I was taking mood-stabilizers, anti-depressants, and was completely and utterly miserable.  In retrospect, I now realize that I never really wanted to die.  I simply didn’t know how to really LIVE, and I only wanted the pain to stop. 

I had absolutely NO CLUE where to start coming back from that dark abyss.  I didn’t possess the tools I needed to start digging myself out of that deep hole.  It was the extreme amount of PAIN. which I had been experiencing for YEARS, that motivated me to change, improve, evolve, grow, work my ass off towards Personal Progress, and really start to LIVE.  I decided to start by seeking out, and researching the lives of, those who had achieved my idea of success in every area of life I wanted to be more successful in.

Because of what I learned, I spent the next three years experimenting with a morning routine, a general re-creation of habits, putting a spotlight on each of my beliefs, and literally bombarding my brain with every piece of content I came across, dissecting it all, in the hopes of finding tools I would need to dig myself out of that deep, dark abyss.  I realized, later, that after all of the excuses I had, to have gotten to that dark place (and I was the Kind of Excuses), and after all of the people I had blamed for getting me to that place, and for making me the person I had become, I was ALWAYS the one who had done it all to myself.  This was the most empowering realization and belief of them all.  It provided me with the most hope and strength out of everything I came across.  To know that I was in control of myself changed EVERYTHING.




I began journaling again, and I shared a few of the things on social media.  The husband of a friend, which my wife and I both grew up with, Tim Higgins, reached out to me and asked if I had ever thought about creating a BLOG.  I really hadn’t, but I began to write a few things down, thinking maybe I could start one.  He offered to host this blog for free, on his personal server.  I thought, WHY NOT?  I had nothing to lose, and hoped that maybe something I had come across that was so empowering and helpful to me might empower and help someone else, someday.

So, I thought about a name for the blog.  I was still in the process of healing from a barrage of self-inflicted damage, due to years of habitual neglect, and wanted  more than anything, to someday be able to consider myself, “Good in the head.”  I decided upon www.goodinthehead.com and immediately purchased the domain name.

In August of 2014, I came across a book written by Melody Beattie, entitled, THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO.  In it, I found MANY tools that were helpful in the successful recreation of my entire belief system, and more importantly, in the initial creation of BOUNDARIES.  There is a short paragraph for each day, with the date above it.  I read from this book each day, as part of an incredibly, well-researched, empowering, helpful, morning routine.  I will ALWAYS read from this book, each and every day, for the rest of this life experience, as a habitual re-focusing opportunity.  Repetition is how we reprogram the subconscious as adults, and it is through repeated disciplines, routines, rituals, and habits, that I have become increasingly and exponentially more healed, and good in the head.

After reading from THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO, I realized that the repetition was taking effect.  It was empowering me to reprogram my mind in the ways I wanted to reprogram it.  I was no longer distracted by anything and everything around me.  My mind was so filled to the brim, that everything I no longer actively focused on, was completely displaced by what I ACTUALLY WANTED IN MY HEAD.  

It gave me an incredible idea.  What if I continued my research, and continued bombarding my brain, with ONLY the content which I WANTED to focus on?  By this time, I had been listening to hundreds of hours of content that I had researched on YouTube, and had come across some INCREDIBLE teachers, mindset mentors, coaches, content creators, life-optimization specialists, and TONS of helpful podcasts.

I have found that whatever we are looking for, no matter what it is, we will find it.  If we are looking for nothing, we will find it.  If we are looking for peace, we will find it.  If we are looking for wealth, we will find it.  It was taught centuries ago:  SEEK, AND YE SHALL FIND.  So, I intentionally began to seek out content with tools I could use to heal my mind, my body, and my soul.  The sources of my skill, knowledge, wisdom, and experience acquisition, if they were put on a time line, starting directly after my awakening in 2014, were from YouTube, and are as follows:

-The documentary FED UP, Tony Robbins.  Jim Rohn.  Earl Nightengale.  John Earl Shoaff.  The shows IMPACT THEORY, The Lewis Howes Show, HEALTH THEORY, WOMEN OF IMPACT, The Ed Mylett Show, LONDON REAL, and every single guest on each of these shows.

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches that a thought repeated, recruits neurons from nearby, neighboring thoughts that are no longer being activated, in order to strengthen the thought being activated the most.  This teaches us the importance of consistent focus.  This is why what we focus on the most throughout our day tends to manifest itself more prevalently in our lives.

Because of the idea I got from Melody Beattie’s book, THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO, all of these things I learned so much about, and researched, became a daily article, written each day of the year, with the goal in mind to repeat that which was most important to me, at least once a year.  They became the goodinthehead Daily Perspective Check, and each day of the year, as part of a daily and habitual routine, I rewrite the daily article and share it on social media.  At first, it was just for me, but then I wanted to share all of the incredible things I had been learning and experiencing with my children.  After that, I had to share these things with absolutely everyone who was willing to receive it.  A few years after sharing these things consistently, I came up with the belief, IT IS THROUGH EMPOWERING OTHERS TO HEAL, THAT I WILL HEAL THE BEST, and it has proven to be true.  The more value I have sought to add to the minds and lives of others, in ANY way, has made me feel more valuable.

SO MANY people have done so much for me, and it was because I chose to let them.  Some of my favorite people in the world, who have done the most for me, are people I have not yet met in person.  I will forever be grateful to them for their contributions to my mind, and therefore to my life, as it is MY TRUTH, that all we create first starts in the mind.

One of my FAVORITE tools is INSTAGRAM.  I created an account JUST for guests from books and podcasts who I CHOOSE around allow to influence my mind, and empower me to change in the ways I WANT to change, through constant, consistent reprogramming of my OWN subconscious, through repetition.  This has worked wonders.

Please explore the website, www.goodinthehead.com and search out tools for your own, unique, very personal, beautiful life journey.  There are healing tools, life-optimization tools, and everything I could possibly find to level up, expand, grow, and become MORE of who I am.  I hope that whoever you are, if you are reading this now, you will gain what you need for you, and that you will choose to share these things with as many others as you possibly can, all along the way.  Even if NONE of these things interest you, something contained herein will affect someone  you love, somewhere, sometime.

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