July 5: Generosity

Generosity is an attitude of mind.  If we follow through on our thoughts of giving and generosity with an action of giving and generosity, we start a beautiful cycle of events!  The law of cause and effect comes into play.

Generosity can be cultivated and practiced.  It comes from a perspective and a belief of abundance.  Those of us who are living an existence with the belief that we live a life of lack are less generous.  Fear controls our actions-fear of losing everything, fear of being taken advantage of, and fear of loss, which for many of us means fear of validation through things we own.  Eventually, however, what we own ends up owning us.

Those of us with a belief that we are living a life of abundance tend to give more freely.  Many times we fluctuate between the two, giving freely out of love, generosity, and abundance, or clutching and holding onto things tightly in fear of lack and loss.

The other thing that is so beautiful about the consistent practice of generosity, is that consistency creates a conversion and a convergence of circumstance.  Generosity begets generosity.  We attract what we put out, vibrationally.  We become what we think about, and so as we think thoughts of abundance and generosity, we become more generous, emitting a vibrational frequency of light, love, and giving, and through giving, we open ourselves up to RECEIVE.

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?  Simply put, the butterfly effect is a concept that states that “small causes can have larger effects”.

When we are more generous to others, they tend to be more generous in return, and they also tend to be more generous to others in their lives.  In turn, the people they are generous towards tend to be more generous, as well, and on and on it goes!  What energy we put out comes back to us.

The opposite is also true.  Unkindness, anger, frustration, FEAR, negativity, etc. begets the same and starts the spread of it, like a virus, throughout our day and throughout our lives.  The effects spread quickly and can be incredibly far reaching.

Today I will focus on spreading generosity, kindness, good energies, and love.  I will remember that just like a smile or a laugh, generosity is contagious.

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Remember:  Mindset matters.  Character counts.  That which we choose to consistently focus on is everything!

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  1. Love this Pete…….these daily moments I take to read these and be focused on goodness have been life altering…….can’t thank you enough!

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